Tomorrow You Start Kindergarten, Today I Am Selfish

It’s the day before your first day of Kindergarten. Right now, you’re out with your dad on your last of the three of your “adventures.” Today it’s running around the city visiting no fewer than two playgrounds. The morning started off pouring rain. That didn’t stop any one of you, though. Frankie, you put on rainboots and asked your dad to carry an umbrella for you just in case. Of course he said he would....more

Helping little one's with seperation anxiety

Most people connect separation anxiety with infants.  However, it is normal for kids to experience separation anxiety throughout different times in their lives.  It can occur again at 3-4 years old, 5-7 and again from 11-14.  The older ages correspond with starting school for the first time and again when starting middle school or high school. If you have a child that is suffering from separation anxiety here are some things you can do to help.     1....more