Don't worry, Mom. I'm fine.

When I was a teenager and living with my Mom, I felt very responsible. She worked long hours and I was frequently home alone. I cooked, cleaned, was a good student and never gave her much reason to worry about me....more

Money Can't Buy Me Love

This is a bit of a photo intensive post, so please follow the link to read this one. Thank you! Caring Heart

No Worry - I Choose Faith



I haven't been looking at the November NaBloPoMo prompts this month, which is pretty spectacular considering I've been struggling to blog for the past few months. Today, however, I gave the prompts a gander, and today's prompt made my heart stop. If you could permanently get rid of one worry, what would it be? ...more

Me? Worry? ...more


I went to bed right after the kids last night. Or just before, if you count me dozing off on the couch while Cransky read Percy Jackson "The Lightning Thief" to River. Magnolia had already succumbed to the heavy eyes that follow the falling back of the clock and I had tucked her in, and sang to her The Dance. ...more

Meet your habenula: The worrywart in your brain

There's a tiny worrywart in your brain. It's smaller than a kernel of corn and it's job is to stay on the lookout for dangerous or painful situations. It's called the habenula and every animal with a backbone (even fish) have one.The habenula is buried deep in the middle of your brain. It makes a "mental note" of all the bad things that have happened to you and starts firing ato alert you when it expects something else to happen. It's like the anxious mom who calls you every day at college....more

My Internal Dialogue Has Run Amok

Call it a deviant pathology or a mental illness if you want.  I call it Melancholy M om has a voice.  It may be in writing in a somewhat anonymous blog, that's okay.  I can live with being heard only by a random view count.  ...more

Worry. What I Do Best.

Worry. Now that's something I am really good at. I am good at worrying about real concerns. I am also very good at worrying about things that could happen. I am one of those people who breathes a sigh of relief every time I go around the curve and see my house still standing after being away even for a few hours. If you are looking for someone to do worry, I am the person for the job. ...more