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How To Be Strong In Your Weakness {the key to unlocking your true self}

I am proudly introverted.  In a small, safe group I might be funny or engaging but in a large arena I will willingly fade into the background.  I am a wallflower.  I would much rather observe quietly from the wings than be the center of the party.  I am wired differently than a charismatic, outspoken leader.  I look on the world through a lacy romanticism and dwell in an introspective poetic protection that slows me down and has me dwelling on the texture of hope rather than some public fame that would have me dressed up in quick wit a...more

Why do I go to church?

I go to church to worship God, learn more about Him and how I am supposed to be living, and to be around like-minded people. I like singing songs about Heaven and Jesus and what He's done for me. And I like to praise the Lord for all His blessings He has given us.There are many reasons......more

Where I've Been: Why I'm Abandoning NaBloPoMo.

I am a writer.I’m a writer because I write.But it has occurred to me lately that I should occasionally ask myself why I write…To put it incredibly simplistically, I write because I don’t tend to know what I think until I’ve written it.It makes me wonder then — why do I feel like I need to write every day, if I don’t have anything of value to say?  Why do I just spew words for the sake of spewing words?  Why?  Is there value in self-reflection?  I would argue that there is....more

Music and Joy

Holley Gerth over at holleygerth.com has asked us this week “What Brings You Joy?”  That’s what she wants to talk about today on Coffee For Your Heart.Let me tell you what just fills my heart up to the brim with joy.It’s music.  It’s singing, it’s playing, it’s listening to music.It’s anything played on a fiddle....more

I miss my voice

November 2013 has been the month where, unlike any other, I have battled with my voice.  I’ve lost it as a result of a cold a few times before, but never as frequently and for so long as I have this month.  I was without it for nearly two weeks between a concert and a cold.  I JUST had it back last week…… but…. it’s gone again.  Well, I have half of it.  I got another cold.  I’m a victim of working in an elementary school with little little kids.The thing is… my voice is really important to me.  It’s hard to teach with no voice....more

A Living Sacrifice

The Inner Path: When Sunday Comes

 http:/thelifeandstuff.blogspot.comWhen Sunday comes and you get ready to rejuvenate your spirit by going to church to draw near to God with a sincere heart, be aware that people don't all go there for the purpose of meeting with God, or for the purpose of listening to messages that would impart their lives positively. There are many reasons why people go to church, some go in order to follow God's directives and to worship him in holiness. Others go for their own selfish motives, just to please themselves; not minding what God thinks of them. Now, why you're pondering the reason you go to church, here are just some reasons people go to church: To genuinely seek God: There are genuine seekers of God who come to the church because they feel that it's the right place to meet with God. They come with contrite hearts... ready to do whatever would bring them into a better fellowship with Him. They listen to what the pastor says, compare it with the scripture, and allow it to impart their lives positively. Their primary reason for being there is because they need a change in their lives. These are the true followers/worshipers of God....more

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Choir

After Nehemiah returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls of the city, he planned a fantastic celebration when they were finished. ...more