Snarking About Fugly Dresses at the Emmys

The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards will be held Sunday night. I'm tuning in for sure. I have favorite shows and actors to cheer and betting pools to win or lose. ...more
@SocalMom Ah....that's a whole other issue, it is SO NOT FUN of the networks not to understand ...more

Fashion Week: The Best of the Worst

I realize that just last week I said that the recession has toned down the Fashion Week insanity, but I hope you will remember that I qualified it as "somewhat down to earth" -- that, my friends, was foreshadowing. Because despite all the pretty on display in the last week, what fun would Fashion Week be without some crazy?...more

Just between us girls, I loved wearing neon in the eighties. I usually paired it with a side ...more

Golden Globes Fashion Recap

Woooo! It’s officially award season, which means I become super fashion judgmental and share my b*tchy, catty comments with all of you! So let’s kick this off by recapping the Golden Globes, my favorite of all the award shows (probably because people have gotten drunk pre-speech.) ...more

I loved Jennifer Aniston's dress. She pulled it off beautifully. I think it broadcasted her ...more