Walmart and Target Bloggers: The Worth of Your Blog

I am going to attempt to write a Swistle-like post, and it will likely not go that well, but I must try, because there is something that has been weighing on me about blogging, and some emails I get from some of you, which surprise me because my blog is little and tiny, but alas. Here is my message: the quality of your blog is not measured by the number of comments or followers or pageviews you get. ...more
 @thepsychobabble I wanted to be a Sam's Club blog! :)  I am happy now being a one of a ...more

I Am No Longer Giving it Away for Free

I have made it no secret around here that I love me some Carrie Bradshaw.  I own Seasons 1-4 of Sex and the City, oh and The Movie. (Not SatC 2, nobodyowns SatC 2). I love Carrie and the girls....more
I totally agree. I have blogged for years in the Occult field and have written much content for ...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Something to Think About 1-3-12

The day may involve being creative with verbal communications.Some people tend to overdo their version of the truth to the degree of believing in their altered negative versions!Opposing Energies: exaggerations, miscommunications, lyingExercise caution with wheeler-dealers as this same creative influence can be dishonest in ruthless sales pitches etc...!Wide Awake Words™ for today: recognition, worth, truth, honorBusiness-wise, the valued truth will generate financial returns....more

Christmas Tree Themes: Are They Really Really Worth It?

Do you celebrate Christmas? If you do, chances are you will celebrate the holidays having a Christmas tree. Every 12 months, the vast majority of Americans purchase a Christmas tree for their houses. Whether that tree is real or an synthetic one, it's often decorated with Christmas decorations. Various individuals beautify their Xmas trees in different techniques. Lots of select to theme their Xmas trees. If you are organizing on decorating your Christmas tree this year, you may well be wondering whether or not it's genuinely worth it to decorate your Xmas tree having a theme....more

Be A Stockholder In Your Own Happiness.

Be A Stockholder In Your Own Happiness.  ...more

Think About Your Thought

“What in the world am I doing? I am totally out of my league. I don't belong here. What was I thinking?”   “Well, that was a nice lunch. I do wish I had told her about my real feelings. But then, the consequences would not be pretty. Maybe I did the right thing. No, I need to be more open with her if I want to honor myself. You know, my coach did say that honoring my self at all cost is the best thing for me. What the heck does honoring myself mean anyway?”...more

Self-Compassion Compass 72 Fun and Creative Ways to Put Yourself First – Without Feeling Guilty

Self-Compassion Compass 72 Fun and Creative Ways to Put Yourself First – Without Feeling Guilty Created By: Sybil R Smith...more

What is the meaning of WORTH?

Worth. Oh what a loaded word. There are examples of what worth can mean everywhere in this world. If you are talking about an object, generally the word worth means how much money is equated with the object. If you were talking about architecture, worth may mean the structural integrity, or possible the emotional investment, or even what is the artistic value of the building. Webster’s dictionary says the meaning of worth is as such: Main Entry: 2worth Function: adjective ...more