How to make a garden hose wreath

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Easy DIY Spring Wreath

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I've been working on making wreaths for the different holiday seasons—I'm wreath obsessed! This wreath was simple and love how it turned out....more

Deco Mesh Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Have you seen the Deco Mesh Wreaths? They’re so pretty and much easier than you’d think! What you need:...more
I make these a lot!  Thank you for the great idea with taping the ends!  I never thought of that ...more

Fall Pom-Pom Wreath (diy)

I mentioned last week that I'm not really into "traditional" fall decor. But I wanted to add a little something festive to our home, namely to our sad little front door....more

How to Create a Fabulous Door Wreath: Spring-Summer Edition

Nothing makes me happier than creating a new wreath for my front door.  It’s such an easy and inexpensive way to refresh your home and boost your curb appeal.  Having previously shared with you my Fall/Autumn Wreath...more

Friday Freebies

FINALLY FRIDAY!!  I plan to dedicate Friday to help you save money or even get some things for free!  Who doesn't like to save money? 1.  ThirsTea Beverages - To receive a free sample, send an email ( They will send you one of their selections....more

DIY Recycled Book Page Wreath

Hi all! I got DIY Inspired myself and made this adorable wreath and spent NO MONEY! Here is a picture of my inspiration and of the one I made.  If you'd like to see the full step by step photo tutorial here it is! I'm pretty proud of this one! :)Dinah...more

Patriotic Cookie Wreath

Try making this star cookie wreath, a fun & tasty way to celebrate the 4th of July festivities!It's a matter of decorating star cookies of your choice...Dressing them up a little with some sanding sugar or disco dust......more

'No Patience Required" Burlap Wreath

I've had my eye on the fabulous burlap wreaths everyone is making, but I have to admit I've been putting off doing one for myself because I wasn't sure if I had the patience to take it on.  I knew my favorite version, like the one below made by Ginger over at Ginger Snap Crafts, was not an option for me....more

How to Create a Vintage Jewelry Wreath

Have you ever wondered what to do with old costume jewelry? Or seen vintage jewelry at an estate sale or antique store and wished you had an occasion to make good use of it? Sarah Ives, Designer at Upscale Downhome has designed a welcoming wreath using interesting and unique pieces of antique jewelry. She shared this easy-to-follow tutorial on how to make a beautiful vintage jewelry wreath. How to Make a Vintage Jewelry Wreath ...more
Gorgeous!  I've got to make one!  more