Mongolian Wrestling: From Genghis Khan to Modern Day Mongolia

Seated on a grassy field in the afternoon light, a panel of serious looking judges survey the competitors before them. Half a dozen bare chested men, feet planted squarely on the ground, stretch their muscles and roll their shoulders, some, adjusting their outfits....more

Wrestling With God and the Devil

Gen. 32:23-32  9th Day Forty Day Fast for Non-ViolenceI have wrestled with God and the Devil all my life and I love losing to God because I know I am loved regardless, never rejected, forgiven, losing to the Devil means chaos and destruction--and more and more I am looking forward to losing to God completely and moving into his arms. Non-violence means wrestling with God and the devil--and when one loses to God non-violence becomes the only way. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!...more

John Cena: Wrestler, Intimidating Tough Guy, Compassionate Softie

“You can’t see me! You can’t see me!” he repeatedly tells his challenger, taunting, as he waves his hand, back and forth, fingers splayed open in front of his face—his signature move. That would be John Cena; a professional wrestler, a rapper, and an actor. And at six feet plus one inch tall and weighing roughly 250 pounds of pure, solid muscle, the man is a Titan. And though mere mortal men may fear to approach him children love him!...more
 @isthisthemiddle Well, if we knew when he was working out, we can all gather, take portable ...more

Wrestling my way through defeat. Literally.

I was the first girl to ever wrestle in my high school.  My claim to fame ends there.I wrestled for one full year.  Then I quit.  Wrestling was not like any other sport I had ever played.  The wins were exhilarating, and the losses, devastating.When I played soccer or rugby, any team game, we won as a team, and we lost as a team.  Swimming was a solitary sport, but I was good at that.  I was a strong swimmer and I won many meets.Then entered my life, wrestling....more

Kaiser Permanente

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this is funny! I have Kaiser also but we're in-network ...more

Struggling Gender and Sports!

People make a big deal about gender and sports.  They think it is wrong to mix the boys with the girls on the gym floor.  Yet, they will allow them to date.  They make a big deal about girls and boys on the wrestling team.  Yet, they don't have much of an issue with teen-pregnancy.  However, they seem to think its the boys fault if that happens.  Nevertheless, it usually is.  Moreover, if the girl uses her brain, I don't feel it is wrong for mixed competition.  ...more