Because We Trust in the Rightness of the Timing

I got this AMAZING email to day from Patti, who first got the “home study” Overcoming Procrastination Toolkit and got so much out of that that she’s now enrolled in the Get It Done Teleclass that starts tomorrow.“Dear Samantha –A short tale:...more

So, I think I can Write?

When I was tricycle-riding age, I took to the road. I rode my tricycle to the top of my driveway and let her rip. I sped so fast that I had to lift my feet above the pedals to keep them from getting thwacked. It was not scary; it was a thrill. Perhaps my first one. Then I hit the loose sand at the bottom of the driveway with such a force that I flew off my bike and got the wind knocked right out of me. ...more

In the "Perpetually Doubting Myself" Club

I thought reaching the exact middle of the project would unleash a vibrant burst of successfulness. I envisioned the middle to be "when" something... ...more

Surviving College As A Writer

Just as soon as I was settling into my routine of NOT doing homework every night, fall semester tapped me on my back. As the emails come flooding in reminding me to secure my financial aid and make sure I am registered for classes, I realize that summer is basically over for me. Sure there is a month left, but we all know that month will be spent preparing and dreading the upcoming semester. Although I enjoy these breaks, they are almost cruel because they help me forget about writing papers and taking tests for 3 months....more

Creative Me

 “There is no greater agonythan bearing an untold story inside you.“Maya Angelou...more

Stop Overthinking Your Blog and Just Write

There is no greater satisfaction than filling up a page. There is no sound more rewarding than rapid stroking on the keyboard. The quick tapping is reinforcement that it's going, it's writing; the machine is working. Quantity and quality aren't as important as the physical act of stretching the muscle; like exercise. For a writer, to get the words out, to document, to annotate, is to breathe or eat. ...more
Great post! This is a good reminder to get out of my head and keep writing!more

Writing at Starbucks

One of the beauties of being a writer is the convenience of a virtual office anywhere, everywhere. ...more

I Will Never Go Back to a Corporate Job

Spring in New York City is a unique descriptor which means everything to the native city dweller. Walking through the streets of the greatest city in the world in 74-degree weather, the sun warming my newly exposed shoulders, I am dancing with every cloud. ...more

You Wanna Be a Writer? Start a Blog!

I am often asked how I was able to “break into” the writing business. I am fortunate that I now consider myself a freelance writer who makes money writing. But this was not always the case. It’s been a process of many years, difficult struggles, and attempting several different writing projects. But when people ask me how they can do the same, I always say the same thing: start a blog....more

I Met Jennifer Weiner and We Bonded Over Our Weird Families

On our drive down for a weekend visit to Philadelphia, I said out loud to my car witnesses, “The only famous person I know in Philadelphia is Jennifer Weiner.” “Who’s that?” My 14-year-old son asked. He hasn’t had the benefit of jumping into her stories, engaging with her thoughtful, well-rounded, intelligent characters. ...more