The Book Theif: The Arts in Top Form

I used to write reviews of movies both when I was in high school and then in college I became the Entertainment editor for our paper. It has been a long while since I have written a review of anything but I think this might end up being a mix of review and personal reflection....more

Social Networking: Disconnected Connections

Let me just be clear from the very start, I know that in the world today there is a need for social networking, at least to some degree. People use these sites for connecting with loved ones around the world, keeping up with old friends, for promotional purposes (maybe one day, after I get a publishing deal, I might look into that), or just for fun. There are so many different sites out there, it started with Myspace, then expanded to school's with Facebook (which of course became public), then site after site popped up!...more

Amazing Women Day Two

Let me tell you about a friend of mine.C.L. Bevill is one of the best writers I've discovered in a long time.  I'm actually a huge fan of more than one of her series!  My absolute favorite is The Lake People series.  When talking with her other fans, however, I'm usually outvoted by fans of the Bubba series.  Now don't get me wrong, I love me some Bubba but the Lake People series is tops for me.  The first series I read was the Moon Trilogy and it comes in a close second for me....more

Activating Your Core

When I first started working with my trainer, he told me to do a certain exercise right, I needed to activate my core."I don't have a core.""Everyone does.  It's just buried."Nice, I thought sarcastically.  But I still came back for more.Many moons later, I feel like I do have a core, even if it is a little buried, and I can do things I once thought were lost forever.  Having a stronger core gives me a sense of power, but also a sense of balance....more

Get a Real Job

Every writer, artist, actor, entrepreneur or creative type I know has wrestled at some point in their life with the dreaded "real job."  At one point, some well-meaning person will say--usually in what they think is in the other person's best interest--that it's time they gave up the nonsense and got "a real job."Flirting with a Day Job...more

Book Review: We the Animals

We The Animals  By: Justin TorresThere is a new writer in town and he is definitely wearing a shiny badge.Justin Torres, a mere 30 something writer from New York has walked into the literary world and turned it on its axis.We The Animals a 128 page book of such elegance, honesty and heart wrenching prose; one has to marvel at such a finely written book....more
 @Karen Ballum Me too..the only drawback to this book is I wanted more :-)more

Losing Sense of Time in the Written Word

My friend, Carolyn, reminded me this weekend that she had missed reading my blogs.  I guess I hadn’t thought about it much because I have been knee deep in the process of moving and working on my book. Somehow, I had let time slip away.  From my perception, I had written only yesterday. ...more