Beyond My Comfort Zone

I’m finding my role as a first time author to be a little beyond my comfort zone. Okay, a lot beyond....more

Where Are You On Your Runway?

I recently listened to a podcast called, Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert.  It is a supplement to her book written last year called Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.  In the episode I listened to, she talks about your creative journey as an airport runway. ...more

Kudos to the Writer of the Terrible Poem

My brother read a terrible poem during our weekly prayer call.  My other brother (we conference together each week) and I listened and were touched.  Brother 1 hadn’t written the poem.  He found it on the Internet.  It was awful, terribly crafted and schmaltzy - ridiculous.  Still, somehow when he read it, he conjured up so many memories of Mom.  I felt as if I had holograph of her in front of me.  The memories were lively and vivid. ...more

Writing Fixes Auburn Seal

Writing fixes me....more

Getting Lucky

5 Reasons I Blog, and Why You Should Too!

February 21 is my 1 year "blogiversary" (yes, that's a thing). In celebration, I'll be writing a short series this month on blogging. I've learned so much in one year, but there is still SO much more to learn. I hope this series might encourage some of you to start a blog and give some helpful tips if you're a new blogger. Here are 5 reasons I blog, and why you should too:...more

The Write Spot, with Author Annelies Pool

Welcome to the fourteenth edition of The Write Spot, a bi-weekly author series spotlighting the many and varied places where writers write. ...more

The Write Spot, with Author Rebecca K. O'Connor

The Write Spot is back with an exciting line-up of guests for 2016. This bi-weekly author series spotlights the many and varied places where writers write. Be sure to sign up to receive stillpoint direct to your inbox each week because you won't want to miss any of these terrific authors....more

Read and Enjoy - Highlights of 2015

It has been a year of digging deep. A year of change, reflection and growth. And here's a surprise for you "younger" readers out there, thank goodness the learning doesn't end!We are here to support and lean on each other. To share and to hug and at times to give...more

Send Letters to (Grand)Children

With the busyness of Christmas over and the New Year approaching start a letter writing campaign to the (grand)children in your life via snail mail.Click here to read more  ...more