Is Blogging "Real" Writing?

This morning I was chatting with a young lady who has been blogging for around three months and was trying to figure out how to get more traffic to, and more social engagement with, her blog. She was convinced her English had to be both perfect and formal and that if she wasn't writing about Something Important (yes those capitals are deliberate), nobody would read her work. Hands up those of you who remember - or still experience - that feeling. ...more
I have been reading so much about writing that I've not been writing very much!  Being a former ...more

MM - Writing woes

Tonight is the first time my writing group meets without me (thanks to circumstances involving my impending surgery), so I'm singing the writing woes blues....more

I Wrote A Book. Now What. Part Deux.

For Part One, go here.The process of publishing a book is magical, because it does things like move lightning fast and molasses slow at the same time....more

I Wrote A Book. Now What.

I finished my book! Saying that feels awesome.Back story- I started this particular book SEVEN YEARS AGO, WHEN I WAS PREGNANT WITH YOUNGEST CHILD. Back then, the story was very different. In fact, it was a screenplay (See dry ice and hear Brady Bunch flashback music featuring harp)....more

Poetry lessons

Mrs. H was an old fashioned teacher who wore her hair in a tight bun and a blouse that buttoned up high that was always finished off by a sparkly, but not too sparkly, brooch. When I met her the first day of fourth grade I was afraid of her sternness and her long homework assignments. We were given an assignment to write a poem about our favorite color and to my great relief the writing came to me quickly. The next morning, I was so excited to share my poem with her. When I handed it in, her reply was curt."You did NOT write this."...more

wishes and horses...

Meet Oliver, the tall, dark, and duskily handsome horse of my three-year-old dreams. For me, it was love at first ride. Don't let my grumpy expression fool you. That frown was all about Dad's refusal to hand over the reins and let me gallop....more

On Seventeen

On the surface, 17 looked awesome. A cute running back called me his girlfriend, I had my own car, lived in a big house in an economically uplifted suburb, made good grades, and was well on my way to being voted one of the Most Popular Seniors in my all-girls private high school.But underneath? Utter fear.I feared my parents’ impending divorce. At the same time, I was afraid they wouldn’t break up and make everybody miserable for the rest of their lives.Going off to college scared me to death yet I’d never had a stronger urge to leave everything behind....more

MM - Writing inspiration

Tonight is another Writers' Night Out meeting, and my rewrite of Wrecked seems to have run aground....more