Fluff Piece

This is day nine of BlogShorts, a short-story writing challenge. Ten days, ten short stories, 110 words.  This year, we're writing to the theme: The Dog Days of Summer. Meaty bones for all. -BDFluff Pieceby blogdramedyThe meeting with my editor didn't go well....more

Always Up To Something

For a few weeks when I was three or four, I drove my mom insane trying to pee standing up. I still remember the contortions that took. I would straddle the toilet bowl as best I could with my pudgy little legs and let fly, swiveling my bottom to adjust the stream. It was a messy and frustrating endeavor. I was trying to be like my dad. Thankfully, I discovered pretty quickly that my biology prevented me from emulating him in this aspect. I'm sure my mother was relieved....more

Trifecta Challenge

I love challenges. Today I found, and am participating in, the Trifecta Writing Challenge. It combines a single word prompt, a specific usage/context of the prompt and a word limit (33-333 words). I'm going to participate every Tuesday, I'll call it "Trifecta Tuesday"....more

The NAIWE Summer Writing Challenge

Calling all the freelance writers here at BlogHer....more

Will You Take the Write Nonfiction in November Challenge?

My email box has been filling up with notices about the annual start of National Novel Writing Month (www.nanowrimo.org).  However, in general, I write nonfiction. ...more