And, Why Do We Fall Down?

The answer, of course, is "So we can learn to get back up again." This is a line from Batman Begins that I heard my boys saying to one another after they'd seen the movie, reminding each other of the importance of learning through failure.In the last few months I have been nursing a wound to my writer's life image of myself, to my psyche, to my heart, and to my pride. I allowed the stinging words of another to completely shut me down. I have barely written anything since Labor Day of this year, when someone close to me, told me she was embarrassed that I am a Blogger, because bloggers (in her mind) were all "overweight, lonely, pathetic women with 20 cats."...more

BlogHer Talks to Bestselling Romance Author Jill Shalvis

I picked up my first Jill Shalvis novel because blogs had mentioned her but I kept reading her books and devouring her backlist because of her writing. Jill writes strong characters and the women in her novels are every bit as strong as the men. She's not afraid to bring some humor to her books and she writes a darned fine sex scene. ...more
Terrific interview.  Thanks!   I love a strong heroine.  I can see I've got some catching up to ...more

"What Do I Say To That?" Handling the Author Interview

Whether an author loves or dreads them, whether you consider them the best part of the job or the worst part, the fact of the matter is that author interviews are part of the job. And it’s important to make the most of every opportunity. Today I was interviewed for The Examiner which boasts 20 million readers a month. Definitely an opportunity I didn’t want to blow. So what’s the most important thing to say at a moment like this? No matter how much we want to shout, "Buy my book!...more

Behind the Book (Day Two)

It’s an office tour! See where I write, meet the literary kitties, and get a glimpse of the things that surround me as I work, from books (and more books!) and other research materials to a human jawbone, various Appalachian and Arctic souvenirs, and ABBA clogs. (Yes, clogs.)   ...more

Letter to a Lover

Dear Lover~ I read an article tonight in the Arts and Entertainment section on the Wall Street Journal’s website. The article was about the loss of artist’s—poets and all others—muses. The writer mentioned Zelda, Gala, Yoko, Gonne, Georgia, and Suzanne (Fitzgerald, Dali, Lennon, Yeats, Stieglitz, and Balanchine’s respectively). There were other famous muses that I remember reading about over the years, it also mentioned others that I had no knowledge of, my incomplete education, I assumed. The journalist only mentioned male writers, and their female muses!...more

Erana in Wonderland

Erana in Wonderland ...more

Post Grad - Waiting IT Out

Anyone else have a long Tuesday that felt like an even longer Monday? Twenty pre-school kids later and I'm finally letting the pull-my-hair-out feeling dissapear with a little Imogen Heap.  She says that time heals everything, so maybe that's all I need to figure out where my life's supposed to take me after the "best years of my life," whatever that means. ...more

6 Ways to Overcome Fear of Success for Bloggers

In Signs of Self-Sabotage in the Writing Life, I described what being afraid of succeeding looks like for some aspiring and established writers. Here are five ways for bloggers to overcome fear of success, and achieve even the most lofty blogging goals! 1. Accept your fear. Be scared. Are you afraid of getting comments on your blog posts, asking agents to represent you and your blog, writing sample chapters that may never be read, or otherwise sharing your blogging and writing dreams? Don’t fight it, fellow scribes. Accept it. We’re all scared – even the most successful bloggers. Read Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers (one of my favorites!). Make that phrase your motto. 2. Figure out why you’re sabotaging your blogging goals. You don’t have to see a psychologist to figure out why you fear success (though I admit I'm a big fan of counseling!). To get to the bottom of it, ...more

The Healing Power of Memoir

I stood before the strangers in the audience feeling shaky but prepared to take the risk to read aloud a very private, emotional story from my life.  ...more