The Write Spot, with Author Brenda Chapman

Welcome to The Write Spot, a bi-weekly author series spotlighting the many and varied places where writers write.My guest for this sixteenth edition is Canadian author, Brenda Chapman....more

The Write Spot, with Author Karen McCullough

Welcome to the fifth edition of The Write Spot, a bi-weekly author series spotlighting the many and varied places where writers write. This week, I'm delighted to welcome award-winning author Karen McCullough....more

Twas the Last Night of NaBloPoMo

Wow! Can it be? NaBloPoMo goes so slowly and yet, so fast. ...more
Robin - Congrats on your NaBloPoMo badge!  This was really fun take on the Night before ...more

BlogHer Network Member News: Judy Schwartz Haley on CNN and More

Judy Schwartz Haley from Coffee Jitters appeared on CNN on their Heroes program to say thank you to her hero, Debbie Cantwell, and tell the world about the value and importance of her work. Debbie Cantwell started The Pink Daisy Project to help young women dealing with breast cancer. She came to Judy's rescue and hired housecleaning when she was too tired and weak from chemo to take care of the house herself. That allowed her to focus on what was really important: getting well and taking care of her baby. ...more

Why Writing is Like Fight Club

If you were to die right now how would you feel about your life?" says Tyler Durden."I don't know! I wouldn't feel anything good about my life!" says the Narrator.... ... ... ... ... ... ..."Stop trying to control everything and just. let. go. LET GO!" says Tyler Durden.Watch the scene here.... ... ... ... ... ... ......more

D is for changed my mind. Oh, and DEATH.

I was going to write my D is for entry about the lovely blog DaddyLikey; it's author, Winona, writes haiku about chlamydia. Her weekly feature "Don't Showcha your Chocha" is a highlight of my working life. But. There's been something kind of brooding over me the last few months. It's hard to describe. Okay, it's not. It's this: ...more

Book Promotion 101

I headed to New York City a few days ago to meet with the Touchstone publicity folks about the marketing plan for The Black Girl Next Door.  It was a thrilling, overwhelming and confusing meeting. I'm in no position to offer advice, but I want to offer some insights that might encourage authors and aspiring writers. Note:  The following list represents what I have learned but have not yet mastered. 1)  It's never to early to consider marketing and book promotion. ...more


In the space of an hour last Saturday, two things happen. First, I meet a woman whose last name is Lucky, and then I draw my own name out of a basket full of small slips of paper and win a lovely bracelet as a door prize. What are the odds? ...more