First 100 Days of Blogging

For almost two years I told everyone (and myself) I would start a blog. I saved articles and bought books about blogging, but it seemed too big a commitment to take on.  ...more

Angela Jackson: Full of Grace

by Adrienne Samuels Gibbs...more

Life As We Blog It

Hey there!Are you struggling to get through life as you know it?  Have you found yourself living a life you don't remember signing up for?  Are there times you want to bash your head against the wall because the only thing in your life that's increasing is your stress and anxiety?Well, that's exactly how we feel sometimes but we're determined to take back control of our lives by reducing our stress through self discovery and good decision making....more

Hey everyone,

Please forgive me as I attempt to make sense of the this site and all of ...more

Journaling - How to get started!

Wanna give journaling a go :)? ...more

Journaling - The Right Fit

Journaling – The right fit ☺ I have talked with many people who have started journaling, but have grown so frustrated with the process and end up feeling like they’ve failed at the whole thing. ...more

Journaling - The Power of the Pencil!

  I’ve often been asked why I journal. To most, the concept seems a bit “out there,” confusing, misunderstood, complicated and requiring way way way too much time! Here are a few reasons why journaling has become an indispensable outlet for me… ...more

Get This Story Out of My Head (and onto the page)!

I’m working on a story that’s got a long history. The original idea came about years ago in a different story. That story was written to specific guidelines for a contest. I let it rest for a few years, but realized that there were elements in the story that I wanted to explore further, without the constraints that I was originally conforming to. In fact, I wanted to take those ideas in a completely different direction. First I tried it in flasher form... ...more

Beyond Basic Training

I had a wonderful dog named Java a decade ago. Think of this as "A writer and her dog go for a walk. They are of three minds. Who wins? I call the post, "Beyond Basic Training." ...more

The Hoops

If you're a writer or editor who's ever applied for a job, you know about The Hoops. The hoops you have to jump through in order to obtain a full-time gig. As you listen to your friends' simple stories of success—the one and only interview that landed them the job at the consulting firm or engineering lab—you know that this will never be you. Read more on the FRINGE BLOG. ...more

Facing my fears. I did not want to die addicted to drugs

  So many people are dying from drug addiction. The worlds drug addiction rate is at it's record high, and it is so sad, because WE DO RECOVER. The most important tool in my successful recovey was listening to other addicts about their addiction, and how they are now living a drug free life.  is one of my ways of putting my hand out to help. I want everyone to know that no matter how hard life gets, how hopelss it seems, there is always a better life waiting for you. We do recover. ...more

I quit drinking a little more than 9 years ago after 12 years of drinking. It was not an easy ...more