Clive Barker on Dreams, Art, the Act of Writing and Existential Aloneness

Naomi Epel's Writer's Dreaming, is a collection of interviews from writers on how their dreams influence their creative process. When I got to the chapter on Clive Barker, of Hellraiser fame, I was tempted to skip it. I will confess I have not read his works and have not seen any of the Hellraiser films, so I have no right to any opinion on the man at all. But really, his name did not jump out to me as a great author of our time, as say a Maya Angelou or Isabelle Allende. ...more

A Writer's Thrill - The Blogosphere Gets Personal

Positive feedback is a thrill! The blogosphere can be a bit impersonal at times. I write for people I never speak with, people I very likely will never meet. Email is the primary method of communication, but there is something to be said about hearing another human voice. ...more

The Ambivalent Vacation

Why can’t I take a vacation without taking work with me? This is a question I’ve contemplated seriously since I returned from my most recent week away. When I taught at Yale, I felt an crushing sense of obligation to my work but never much excitement. I packed my laptop, journal articles, and the most recent draft of my manuscript to satisfy the throbbing “should” that ruled my life. Those things weighed down my suitcase in the same way that my relationship to my job weighed down my life. ...more

It's not necessarily a bad thing, to confuse work with life, unless you decide that that is ...more

The "Perfect" Time

When people ask me what I do, I tell them I am a writer. Many times, people confess their own writing dreams. So often, folks(lots of women) tell me that they’ve got a great idea for a novel, or a project they’ve toyed with for a long time. In the next breath, often before I say a word, they sigh and explain why they are deferring their dream. Money, kids, and jobs are the top reasons they offer. Here’s what I’ve learned: Anyone waiting on the perfect time to become a writer should ask themselves the question, “What’s my idea of perfect?” ...more

Susan: I admire your courage and commitment to your writing.  Congratulations on your grant ...more

10 Tips for Writers

Here are 10 things I wish I'd known before I began writing my first book. ...more

All of these are excellent tips and lessons, but #5 seems to bring me down the most. But I'm ...more

Death of the World's Oldest Blogger

With the BlogHer '08 Conference just days away, it's ironic to report the death of the world's oldest blogger, Olive Riley, age 108. The great-great-grandmother's passing came shortly after completion of her 71st post on singing a "happy song" in her Woy Woy, New South Wales, Australia aged care hostel. ...more

Olive was very impressive. I was watching some of her videos this morning. How amazing that ...more

On doing what you love to do most

It sounds easy -to do what you love to do- doesn’t it? It does, however it can proof to be quite a battle at times. On one hand you have your inner voice, your heart, guts, intuition, whatever you want to call it, that lets you know what it is you truly need or want. On the other hand you have this voice telling you that you shouldn’t listen to your heart and use. your. brains. woman! Love isn’t going to get you from A to B, trust isn’t going to bring money in, you cannot earn a living by following your deepest wildest dreams. ...more

My problem is that I love so many things!  Believe it or not, I LOVE my office job.  I love ...more


the summer begins Dora has decided that she doesn’t really want me home for the summer. No, I’m not imagining this because I feel guilty for being absent during normal people hours for  the school year. She TOLD me. “When is grammma gonna come heeeere!?” she whines as we are recovering from our night’s sleep on the broke down couch. I readied my answer, just knowing that butterflies and fairies were going to soon fly out of her butt simply because she wouldn’t be able to contain her joy at having me home for the summer. Then I told her.  “WHAAAATT? ...more

Dave Eggers’ Wish Challenge

Earlier this year, Hot Studio partnered with  ...more

Publication: One Year Later

Coming up in just a few days, a fabulous new feature: our One Year Later questionnaire. This little survey is designed to wring all the juicy information there is to get out of our unwitting authors—ehr—I mean, this survey will allow writers revisit the work they published with Fringe a year (or more) ago. We've used extensive market research to come up with some other essential questions as well... ...more