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http://www.berylsingletonbissell.livedigital.com "Life thereafter" is this blog because life is an ongoing "Now." It does not focus only on the journey to publication, but follows life's leads -- which is just about everywhere a woman on a perpetual quest goes. My book, The Scent of God, the memoir my agent fell in love with and sold to a NY publisher, changed my life in ways that I never expected. I miss the tranquility of life before publication -- marketing and book happenings jangle the soul and stymie next books. ...more

Aha! That's why I spend so much time on email ... an excuse not to have to write that next ...more

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http://www.beryl.gather.com This blog is an eclectic mix -- a bit of everything with a dash of Tabasco sauce. Happenings in the life of a "mature" writer who gets her first book The Scent of God published by the respected literary imprint of a New York publishing house, writing life thereafter, Lake Superior living, travel stories, family issues and insights (including fat cats and old dogs), book reviews and more. ...more