How I Began My Writing Career

I began my career as a writer (in earnest) three months ago. I started off by joining a bidding site, which I have managed to make a little bit of money from, but which I have also learned a lot of valuable lessons from already. More on that in a minute. I also purchased a copy of the 2013 Writers Market and some other books on writing (to add to my growing library). ...more

7 Common Writing Mistakes That People Think Are Right, But They’re Actually Wrong

As a writer and editor for an Internet marketing agency, I work with clients in industries that range from solar wall tubes to small business credit card processing. In the morning I could be writing a blog post about truck tracking devices, and by afternoon I’ll be researching green packaging trends....more
@Cindy522 AP Stylebook is widely used for newspapers, magazines, press releases, websites and ...more