The Manageable Challenge — Social Media Challenges and the Absolute Impossibility of Ever Completing them

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10 Things about My Day


If I had a million dollars

Prompt: If you found a million dollars in the morning and had to spend it all by that night, what would you do with it?I like to think I'd be frugal and just take care of the essentials then donate the rest, but I know myself.  I'm a spender.  And, I like nice things.Do I have many nice things?  Not really.  I get a lot of things second hand and buy what we need, aside from food, as cheap as possible.  We splurge here and there, and are gifted nice things, but I generally try to make my dollars stretch as far as possible....more

What's in My Fridge? Food as a Writing Prompt

I am 12 days into National Blog Posting Month, where I write a blog post every day in November.  So far, even though I have had long, busy days,  I have been able to post daily without stretching too much for ideas.  Unless you call yesterday's post a stretch.  Until today.  Today, I got nothing.  I turned to the writing prompts provided at the NaBloPoMo site for some inspiration.  Today's prompt:...more


After years of tossing and turning on the hard and poke-y springs of the old, uncomfortable, instrument of torture that was my far past its prime bed, I finally have something new in my life. King-sized, pillow-topped, heaven-in-a-mattress. This miracle in sleep technology is not so much a bed as it is a floating island of somnolent comfort. In it, I don't so much sleep as slumber in cozy, lazy, blissful repose. ...more

Blood Letting

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Her Time

A  Friday night is her time, and it's clearthat doesn't mean a pizza with the kids.It does no harm, it's just a little beer she sips out on the deck where she can hearno whining, just the song of katydids.A Friday night is her time....more

The Movie I Should Have Walked Out On

I remember my mom coming into my room and sitting on my bed after she and my dad went out to a movie.  My mom would tell me the story and I'd listen intently.  As I grew up, I discovered that my mom and I shared the same taste in films.  If she liked it, I was sure to....more
@edavis My mother suggested The Help and Water For Elephants, and I am glad I saw them. I loved ...more

Barracuda on the Beach, a story and writing prompt

It may have been 20 years late and on the other side of the world, but I walked down a beach and finally found what I’d been looking for.I used to have a problem, especially with traveling. I would let my expectations soar incredibly high and then be crestfallen when the details didn’t turn out exactly as planned....more

Love in a Mixtape

Back in 1988, we still looked up movie show times in newspapers, we still were shocked by the Iran-Contra affair on television, and we still made mixtapes on audio cassettes....more