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These Kids Today

But It Still Serves

I need a cross-body bagthat resembles my body: comfortable,expandable, wide at the bottom,and more functional than fashionable.I need a bodythat resembles a good cross-body bag:dependable, low-cost, soundly constructed,with a lean profileand an all-weather surface.What I have is clunky, scuffed, and scarred,tiring to haul around and wornto the point of exhaustion....more

The Walt Whitman Souvenir Spoon

There are several spoons for Longfellow; how about Whitman?...more

The Pie Judges


Blogging Prompts, Challenges and Days In-Between

One of the many challenges facing the active writer today, whether those published or those not yet with a following, is the idea of accepting writing prompts as way a life. We don't think about that when we begin down this road toward publication. Instead, Muse has her way with our avenues of expression.We meander through our thoughts at random, without regard for destinations or purpose. One day our eye settles on another writer's blog post about accepting a writing challenge for a set period of time....more

Rusty in Old Age

What I Have in My Pocket

Into the Land of Oz

The Yellow Brick Road at Cincinnati's Coney Island in the 1960s ...more

In 3-D and IMAX