It was a Saturday and nothing moved in the still heat of the Tel Aviv morning. The eerily deserted street swam before my eyes. I blinked. Was this real?Last night, I had tasted the metallic taste of death in my dry mouth, had felt its grip around my aching neck and had squirmed like a rat in a trap, muscles tensing and relaxing involuntarily with the poison they had given me, the breaths hurting my chest as I snatched them from‘Pssssst,’...more

When is it okay to give a bum your last $5? When he's funny! The Homeless Hero (A sideline comedian)

There I was... Pumping gas at the corner of the Ghetto and Loserville–pretending not to see what was heading straight toward me. He was pushing a metal shopping cart full of what appeared to be library books....more

If I were to do a face-plant in a cake, half naked and super-drunk, I sure wouldn't want my kid to find out!

 This scares me. Not because I'm worried my daughter will end up like this on her 21st birthday, but because I don't want her to ever find out about mine. I'll bet my mother is reading this right now and a tiny bead of sweat just dripped in her eye.  Don't worry, mamacita... I won't divulge....more

So, Then What Happens?

 Inspired by the recent Hurricane Sandy news about the uncovered shipwreck on Fire Island, I began to ruminate. What if there’s treasure in the splintered remains? Surely there’s got to be some interesting artifacts....more
I think I like the idea of throwing in zombies into the story.     :) ~Virginiamore