13 Helpful Facts You Can Pick Up From Blogging

Once all that was out of the way, I started doing the only thing I knew how to do for sure; something I'd done even as a kid at my parent's kitchen table: WRITE . I started banging out posts left and right: personal stories, childhood memories, weird quirks about myself, you name it. It's like all the years of having a desire to write resulted in words just FLYING out of me. This was the easy part. But here's the thing: no one knew I had a blog. At this point it was basically a diary, and I didn't want a diary. I DID want to share my writing with others, but I felt... I don't know? Weird? Stupid? Embarrassed? ...more
kahtennis yeah, Facebook is totally weird - especially my blog's personal page - I cant figure ...more

A Perfectionist's Guide to Crappy First Drafts

Hi NaNo-ers and non-NaNo-ers. I was all set to write a post this week about how it’s okay to write a crappy first draft because you can always revise it…yada yada yada....more

Answers to Your NaNoWriMo Questions

A lot of you have been emailing me to ask for NaNoWriMo advice posts. So much has been written about this topic that I’m not sure I have much to add....more

What Makes an Amazing First Chapter?

This month, I’ve critiqued tons of ten-page samples, and most of them were the first pages of a novel. It’s reminded me how important the first chapter of your novel is. I know, I know—you’ve heard this a million times. But the first chapter represents the whole book....more

What is Your Blogging Process?

I've kept a blog since the 90’s. It started as a teenage online diary and morphed into a college assignment. Within the last two years, I have redefined my blogging purpose; to build trust and share my wealth of public relation and social media knowledge with my audience. Along the way, I have created a process I use for composing my posts. This may work for you, or not. I am simply stating what I have found works best for me. So here is my blogging process... ...more
jeannineoneil  Thank you!  That was quick!  I'll make sure to read.  But based on your initial ...more

7 writing (and life) lessons I learned from playing Civilization V

I’m not exactly what you would call a gamer, but God of War taught me some time ago that I am far from immune to gaming’s addictive charm. Since that heady period of 3am bedtimes and caffeine-infused mornings, I’ve stumbled upon a strategy game called Civilization V…and there’s no turning back....more

Blogging Resolution: 10 Ideas to Get You Inspired to Write

So you made a resolution to blog more in 2014, but today, you're looking at a blank screen, immobilized by the blinking cursor. The New Year's Eve party you went to last night doesn't seem exciting enough to write about. You had planned to tell this cute story about something your daughter said... but now you can't remember what it was. And you're sort of pissed at your husband, but you don't think you want to air that dirty laundry. How are you supposed to blog more if you can't even find time to write? Resolution help to the rescue. ...more
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Writing Stresses You Out? 4 Ways to Simplify the Process

Let’s be honest.Writing content for blogs and courses can be tough stuff. Yet, providing free content on your blog is how you get traffic. And, writing content for courses is how you provide value to your learners.But, there’s a problem. (And, it has nothing to do with you.)...more
This was very helpful. Great blog!more

When is Your Most Productive Time to Write?

More Awesomer has a wonderful post that contains four great writing tips, beginning with the idea of finding your "golden hour," that time of the day when you are the most productive when it comes to writing.  The other tips are all things that can be done at any point in the day that have a great effect on the quality of your writing.  All in all, a very valuable post. ...more
I've been a newspaper columnist and features writer for 30 years. Starting when my son was in ...more

Bad Writing Advice You Should Follow

Today, I’m over at Coffee Addicted Writer with my first-ever Writing Tips Wednesdays post. I’ll be posting there with writing tips the first Wednesday of every month. What do I have to say?“One of the best writing tips I ever heard is usually considered bad advice in the writing community. This writing tip won’t win you any awards, and it certainly isn’t a way to create the best books, blog posts, or essays in the world.What is the tip?”You’ll have to visit Coffee Addicted Writer to find out!...more