A Women's Sports Marketing Win?: My Thoughts on the WTA Strong is Beautiful Campaign

I am pretty sure that I am going to take a lot of heat for this blog post from some of my regular followers but I cannot help it. I love the WTA's Strong is Beautiful campaign. Unlike other women's sports marketing campaigns that come across as cheap, poorly planned and unartistic, this advertising campaign by the WTA is very professionally done, sends a very strong and potent message and focuses on the elite players of the game....more
Help bring the Women's Professional Racquetball Organization to light. You have every sport BUT ...more

Venus Williams Shocks the French Open With Her Racy Tennis Dress

It seems to me that Venus Williams was playing two games at the French Open, and she only won one of them. ...more

They don't have to wear skirts. Lots of them don't. I know Serena has skipped the skirt at ...more

Serena Williams Sets Earning Record

This weekend 20 year old golfer, Michelle Wie won her first championship. This is pretty exciting, especially since she has been playing in LPGA events since she was 12, but we aren't going to talk much about that this week because something much more glamorous happened in women's sports this weekend. Serena Williams set the record for earning the most prize money in a single season in the WTA. EVER....more

I love Serena, always have.  In spite of more

Serena Williams Loses Her Temper, Loses Her Match

If you were watching the U.S. Open you saw Serena Williams come undone. Who am I trying to kid? If you were watching tennis, or ESPN, or CNN or even your local news you probably saw the clip. In a sport where decorum rules the courts it is unusual to see a tennis player throw a fit during a match. I haven't seen an outburst like that during the U.S. Open since John McEnroe played the game. ...more

I suppose we'll have to agree to disagree, but that's okay 'cause if you're a tennis fan, ...more

Women Talk Sports: You Have Got to Check This Out

What do you get when you take three female sports bloggers on a mission to promote women's sports? You get something amazing. You get Women Talk Sports. Women Talk Sports is an amazing site that covers almost anything you would want to know having to do with women's sports. Ann Gaffigan, Megan Hueter and Jane Schonberger founded a web community to support female athletics and issues dealing with women in sports. Check out their mission statement: ...more

Shahar Pe'er Denied Access to Dubai: Will Miss Tournament

Shahar Pe'er won't play in the The Barclays Dubai Tennis Championships this week. She wasn't injured. She wasn't sick. She didn't have a family emergency. She was not on vacation. She didn't play because she was denied a visa into the United Arab Emirates. She is not a criminal or a dissident. She was denied the visa because she was from Israel. I'll give you a second so that you can freak out. I know I did. ...more

Awww.. The Poor innocent widdle palistinians, always getting picked on by the big bad Israelis! ...more

Justine Henin Retires on Top

On Wednesday Justine Henin announced she would be retiring from tennis. This surprised me for two reasons. The first reason I was surprised is because she is only 25 years old. The reason I was really shocked is because Justine Henin was ranked #1 by the WTA. She is going out on top. But wow. This was really unexpected. I don't know about you, but I'm floored. For her to retire is one thing. For her to retire right before the French Open, which she loves and which she's won four times is shocking... ...more

when what you are doing is making you feel like you can't take it anymore, it's time to ...more