'My Writing Space' Epic Fail and Fatal Flaw as a Housewife

Disclaimer: There is a lot of sh*t in this post. Literal, actual, sh*t. But no photos, don't worry. I am not usually an advocate for drinking your problems away (I usually let my husband steal the show on that one.) But tonight, nothing sounded better than an ice cold drink to wash down my bleach-vapor burned throat. ...more

Naked with the dog

This date was courtesy of pof. After several attempts at scheduling a date because of dog sitting issues, we finally meet for dinner. He had just returned from a vacation with his dog. Just the 2 of them. Very cute, right? Or creepy, whatever. He seemed to be nice enough. While at dinner he explained how they had a lovely relaxing time (yes, him & the dog), he’s had to hire 3 dog sitters because the dog was bored of the first 2, satisfied with his job, and now looking to form the next phase of his life. I’m listening, answering his questions, engaging in conversation....more

Grandmother bribes officer with grilled cheese sandwich to avoid DUI arrest!

A grandmother tried to avoid a DUI arrest by bribing an officer with an offer to make him a GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH! Police spotted 65-year-old Elise Wright O’Conner after responding to a 911 call about an erratic driver in Williston, Fla. who almost caused a collision, according to the Ocala Star-Banner. When a deputy pulled over the woman, she tried to hide a bottle of Skyy Vodka that was by her feet, reports the Star-Banner. He also found another vodka bottle–half empty—a cup and some orange juice in the car....more

Is it A Big Deal To Drop The F-Bomb at Work?

Last August, 29-year-old Kathryn Fridge was shopping at a Wal-Mart in Galveston, Texas to prepare for Tropical Storm Edouard's landfall. When she got to the battery section, she discovered the store had sold out. She said what lots of us would have said, "They don't have any f----more." Unfortunately for Fridge, Alfred A. Decker IV-- an assistant fire marshal was in earshot and decided to arrest her (complete with handcuffs) for disorderly conduct for dropping the f-bomb. ...more

Well, I work with a bunch of guys and every other word out of their mouth is the ...more

The Bush administration is its own expert on reproduction, economy

According to its report released Monday, the Department of Health and Human Services is seeking to change the definition of “abortion” used to determine which services can be provided or referred at a facility receiving federal funds. As RH Reality Check reports, there are two commonly used understandings of when a pregnancy begins: conception (fertilization of the egg by the sperm) and implantation (of the fertilized egg into the uterine lining). The report states: ...more

Real Women Have Bodies...Politicians too

This article from last week on Salon's Broadsheet just cracked me up. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the leader of the German nation is...a woman!!! And not just that...she has breasts! OMG! Read more ...more

Further disturbing info on "Honor Academy"

I've been looking around online to see what else I can find about the place where my little-brother-in-law is right now. Ran across this: excerpted from Rolling Stone 4/19/07: ...more

What if I love Buddha?  Am I damned?  What If I believe something different?  What if when you ...more