The War Within~ A Veteran's Depth

When I tell the story of my father, being a 21 year old enlistee in World War 2, I find myself morphing between a proud daughter, to an admirer of  a survivor, a man of strength, courage and tenacity that was my Dad. Seemingly surreal, was his experience, yet, indicative of the type of grit and insightfulness my siblings and I were raised with, I visualize with wonder how he survived so well....more

Gillian Mawson Tells WWII Stories of Guernsey Evacuees

Those who think the World War Two story has been told have not met Gillian Mawson. Little known but hauntingly personal stories from war evacuees gripped the former University administrator/researcher. She felt compelled to retell the stories of Guernsey Island residents ripped from their families and beloved island ahead of the Nazi occupation....more

Poppy Pride

My grandfather lived a full life and was always telling me incredible stories from his past; I’d like to think I get my love for story telling from him. Sometimes, I often wondered how one person could have done all the things he had done – but I guess you can accomplish a lot in 83 years, or at least we would like to think so. He loved hunting, fishing and yelling at the Montreal Canadiens – but as far as occupations went, (just to name a few) he had been a professional football player, a type-setter, Customs officer, and a soldier in World War II....more