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Growing Up

Saying Goodbye To The Greatest Generation


Celebrating the Real Monuments Men (and Women!)

Director George Clooney's movie, The Monuments Men, releases today, Friday, February 7, 2014, and you can bet I'll be sitting in a theatre tonight. Image: Columbia Pictures ...more
I haven't seen the movie but want to. It's an important story to be told. How are you? I just ...more

Our Best Friend Ed: His Honor Flight to DC

Our best friend Ed went on the Honor Flight to DC on Saturday.  Here he is describling his trip.  He's quite a story teller, and we love him so much. BlogHer Exclusive :)...more
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Necessary Sins and Reproductive Destiny

All aspects of "civilized life" continued even in the ever-present terror of captivity by bayonet and constant surveillance. For the women and the men, both married and un-married, other aspects of life continued, the private ones where love and desire found purchase in the quiet, unbayonetted spaces of the night. Of course people made love in the prison camp. It was solace. It was peace and comfort as well as hope that the human heart could transcend the nightmare of war. ...more
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My Mother and The American Way of Housekeeping

I found the book nearly untouched, its spine still uncracked. THE AMERICAN WAY OF HOUSEKEEPING. The cover featured rather lurid illustrations of a ‘50s era meal: a coral salmon wedge surrounded by a ring of peas, accompanied by deviled eggs. “What’s this?” I asked my father....more
I loved this post. I experienced a bit of this too from my mom. She met my dad (who was in the ...more

Far to Go by Alison Pick

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoy reading books that take place in Europe, especially when I come across a brilliant historical fiction novel that is set during the days leading up to (and during) the Holocaust. To me, those days were the darkest days our world has seen, and I can’t get enough of books that teach me new things about what happened during that time. For instance, Far to Go taught me about Kindertransport, which managed to rescue nearly 10,000 Jewish children from Germany, Austria, Poland and Czechoslovakia....more

Josephine Baker: The Exotic Activist

Josephine Baker, born in St. Louis in 1906, was an astonishing woman. From being the star of the Paris nightclubs and stage to her extensive work with the French underground in WWII to her work with Martin Luther King in the 1960's American Civil Rights Movement, she was indomitable. She was called "Bronze Venus," the "Black Pearl," and even the "Créole Goddess." Star of stage and screen, singer and activist, she became a woman of "firsts." ...more

Thanks! I didn't know about the Kelley connection until I started research on this -- I never ...more

Poland's Decision to Suspend Compensation Plans for WWII Victims

I should be writing a recipe about Polish Creamed Green Peas and another about raising a bi-lingual child in the USA, but...Right now, there is a controversial decision by the Polish government being discussed around the world.  The decision to suspend compensation plans for real estate seized by Nazi Germany and then by the USSR Communists.If you haven't heard about it, I asked's facebook fan page admi...more