Mother's Day Ideas

Mother's Day is Sunday! Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10th! If you are running a little behind like I am, I have some gift/craft/food/fun/freebies ideas below! Just click on the links for the recipes or directions:) ...more

Valentine's Day Ideas

It's somehow February already and I've been seeing Valentine's Day stuff in the stores for about a month now! In case you need any ideas, here are some of mine :)...more

Eugene, the Elf: Day 5

*After looking at last year's Elf adventures, I thought I would try to come up with some more exciting times for Eugene. Yesterday he was simply hanging out in a stocking, but today's is one of my favorites!*  It looks like Eugene recovered, only to be attacked by zombies! Good thing he found some plants to help out and extra peas to throw......more

My Favorite Fall Posts

It's October! While I can't believe it's already the middle of October, I do love seeing the leaves start to change. I thought I would pull up some of my favorite posts that are great for Fall....more

Cherry Compote Filled Cupcake

I've filled cupcakes before, usually with my peanut butter, strawberry, or chocolate buttercream icing. I love trying new things, but for some reason "compote" just sounded a little intimidating. After our cherry tree harvest, we made a cherry pie but we still had a lot of cherries left over. They were sour cherries, so not exactly the best cherries to munch on. I decided to finally try making a compote and found it was a lot easier than I had expected! I made chocolate cupcakes and filled them with the cherry compote. I topped with a buttercream and they were delicious!...more

Summer Freebies For Kids

School is out already for Higgins and Bernardo only has a couple of weeks to go. It hit me this morning: "What am I going to do with two boys who are now used to having something to do everyday?!"...more

My 1st Pinewood Derby Race!

Ok, so I didn't race.Bernardo is in Cub Scouts this year and it is a new experience for everyone. I only had a sister growing up and while we were both were in Girl Scouts, we certainly didn't do a lot of the things the Cub/Boy Scouts do. I knew that eventually Bernardo was going to do the Pinewood Derby. I was a little apprehensive because I am not very handy with tools. I can hang a picture and help with crafty types of projects, but not with using tools to form a shape out of a block of wood. ...more

Homemade Valentine Ideas

We alternate between making Valentine's and using store bought ones. It really depends on how crafty and/or motivated I'm feeling. :) Below are some of my ideas for our homemade Valentines. (Links to directions are in color.)...more

Home Depot Birthday Party Time

Home Depot just gave me another reason to choose them over another big box hardware store. Not only do they have their free kids workshops (see my Freebies For Kids post), but they also do parties! While at one of the local stores, I saw a sign for a free birthday party. Who can go wrong with free!? I asked at the front desk to get more information....more

Turkey Mums

You will need:...more