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 I look at a LOT of films.After a while, you start to see things in them that aren't there.Like this chest x-ray, anyone else see a parrot here? ...more

Aglow in the Dark: Too Many X-Rays

In a recent article for Oprah’s “O” magazine, Dr. Mehmet Oz cautioned readers about the dangers of too much radiation. This is something I have worried about for quite some time, as I’ve been x-rayed and CT-scanned so many times that I probably glow in the dark.(Contrary to popular belief, however, this does not equip me with superpowers. I could audition for a role as Spiderman’s sidekick - I could smack the bad guys over the head with my huge stack of X-Ray pictures. They’d get knocked out for sure.)...more
I think you'll be fine-

"Airline pilots and aircrews spend a lot of time at ...more