7 Foods to Heal, Balance, and Nourish

My Yoga Online - For anyone feeling that their nutrition plan is lacking in offering optimal health benefits, here is our top 7 food items that should be added to one's diet. ...more

This is such great information.  I am trying hard to manage my weight better.  I am really ...more

Dangers of Lumbar Flexion in Yoga Postures

My Yoga Online - My Yoga Online has posted a new article by Dr. Carla Cupido that addresses the importance of proper forward flexion in yoga poses in order to prevent injury and to maintain integrity in your yoga class. ...more

Neck Protection in Yoga Poses

Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand Yoga Pose) and Halasana (Plow Yoga Pose) are the most common Yoga inversions that move the neck into a deep forward flexion. These inverted Yoga postures provide wonderful benefits in our Yoga classes: * tones the legs, buttocks, back, and core muscles * stretches the shoulders and improves flexibility of upper spine... ...more

Back Safety with Back Bending Yoga Exercises

Hatha Yoga has an array of back bending or back arching Yoga exercises that deliver a wealth of health benefits when done correctly. Back bending Yoga poses can be intimidating to those who have low back pain or previous low back injuries. When performed with the right intention and alignment techniques, back bends can be safe, effective, and revitalizing. ...more

Benefits of Yoga - Weight Loss

An important part of a balanced health and wellness program is managing your body composition and understanding what is a healthy body weight for your body type. A consistent Yoga practice, Yoga diet and observance of Yoga principles and lifestyle habits can help you find this balance in managing your body weight.. READ MORE... ...more