Stuff I've Been Reading - June

Yey!  I made it to the second month!Finished in May:Nick Hornby - Ten Years in the TubNeil Shusterman - UnwindGeorge R.R. Martin - A Dance with Dragons...more

Books Books Books

My nose is pretty firmly planted in my kindle most of the time (including walking home from work, in the tub, while I'm knitting), so I get quite a bit of reading done.  This means that I'm always on the hunt for something new to read, especially if I can get it from my library on the kindle (my obsession).  Has anyone read anything lately that you would recommend?...more
Heh. Have you read The Luxe series yet? It's kinda GGesque but it's a historical.more

There Is No Solace Anywhere, For Anyone Who Dreads To Go Home. . . .

  The title of this post is a quote from an autobiographical novel. Which one, and who said it? (Bonus points if you know!) This post is from an article for teachers and librarians that I wrote many, many years ago. I found it in a box of old papers I was cleaning out, as we are moving in a few weeks and I am throwing out anything and everything I haven't used in the last five minutes.  I’d forgotten about it, and this bothers me, because we should never forget about such things....more