Saving Mummy featured on Yahoo 7!

Saving Mummy Featured on Yahoo 7! Hi everyone!I’m feeling pretty good this week!  An article I wrote has been featured on Yahoo 7′s site!!  I’m impressed!...more

The Marissa Mayer Controversy: Let's Shift the Conversation From Mud Slinging to Caretaking

By Estelle Sobel Erasmus Marissa Mayer’s decree leaked last week –that employees of Yahoo could not work remotely or from home started a feeding frenzy of posts, commentary and of course, discourse; some extremely hostile toward mothers.To paraphrase, many of the comments postulated that allowing mothers the flexibility to work from home was akin to having the company subsidizing childcare for these women. Others said women make the choice to have kids so they have to deal with it. What? Wait a minute!...more

Why Yahoo Just Became Obsolete: CEO Marissa Mayer Bans Working from Home

Unless you've been living under a rock, if you're a parent you've probably heard the newest decree from Marissa Mayer -- the young CEO of Yahoo, who was hired when she was five months pregnant and notably took only a two-week maternity leave after popping out her baby, undoubtedly while being fanned by a her doula, a waiting nanny in tow. Her decree, uttered with all the certainty that an empress can have from her ivory citadel, was that no longer could Yahoo employees work remotely (aka from home, or anywhere else that's not the office) anymore....more
@brandeplotnick@JeffinDC THANK YOU!!   Agree with everything you said here... thank your for ...more

The Marissa Mayer Case: Why are women such Yahoos to one another?

Poor Marissa Mayer.  As the new CEO of Yahoo, it’s a tough gig being touted as the second coming to womankind. At first, we all cheered her on. “Yay! You’re pregnant and a Fortune 50 company hired you anyway!” Working women and stay-at-home moms all nodded knowingly.  After all, we’ve been juggling the family/career choice thing for years. “Finally!” “What a great way to shed light on this the conversation!” ...more

Will the new CEO, Marissa Mayer, Pinkify Yahoo? We hope so!

 A Forbes article suggests that the newly minted Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer might pinkify Yahoo! That would be just fine for fans of pink ribbon and breast cancer awareness. Think Pink....more

Dear Marissa Mayer: Two Steps Forward, Let's Make it Three

Whether Marissa Mayer realizes it or not, the way she treats maternity leave will serve as an example for all woman looking for a path, for those women who do not want to "gap" their ambition, but also want to enjoy being a parent. To be sure, Marissa is not a typical woman and her dilemma is not an easy one. But, I am a big believer that macro change is most likely to have an impact by starting at the top, with the most visible examples, however unusual the circumstances. ...more
1yr is ideal. more

Happy New Year—You’ve been Hacked!

On Wednesday, at 7:00 a.m., a  phone call from my niece woke me up.  “Are you planning a trip to Scotland?” she asked.  It took me a while to digest this question, but I soon learned that my niece—and evidently a large number of contacts from my Yahoo mail account, had received the following e-mail from “me”, sent  at 4:06 in the morning.  (I received it too....more

Capitalize on the SEO Benefits of Article Marketing

Web Success Team contributors Bob Speyer and Justin Delos Reyes discuss article marketing SEO....more

Using Keywords to Achieve Social Media SEO Success

Web Success Team contributors Bob Speyer and Justin Delos Reyes discuss the importance of using keywords for Social SEO success. ...more

Good News About Advertising and Consumer Interaction for 2011

Here is an article by Bob Speyer that reports the growing trends in advertising and consumer interaction.By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team Multiple sources report that the economy is in an upswing. Major advertisers report a 6% increase in spending, but more significantly, about 40% of Americans indicate that the economy is improving! Our friends at HubSpot have compiled an anthology of reports about advertising in various mediums and we want to share the positive news with our readers. Here is Part One of our summary:...more

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