Yale Fraternity Pledges Say “No Means Yes” and “Yes” Means … What?

Last Wednesday, October 13th, pledges of Yale fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon marched blindfolded through Yale’s old campus, where many of the university’s freshmen female students are housed, chanting “No means yes, yes means anal.” A video of the pledging ritual hit YouTube later that night and has since received over 30,000 views and an uproar of community responses. ...more

I am disappointed, but not remotely shocked. This kind of behavior is not new among ...more

Aliza Shvarts and Name Calling

Several press releases later and the world is no closer to learning the truth behind Aliza Shvarts's senior project but frankly, it only holds my interest by this point as a jumping board to discussing terminology. Regardless of what she intended to do, she never had a miscarriage. ...more

Playing my own devil's advocate though, how have we or education or the women in her life ...more