Twenty of the Best Bargains of my Life

I’ve been an avid shopper from the age of ten. My mom and sister and I would go to the big department stores in downtown Pittsburgh and split up and meet in a few hours. The stores were close together, but in between them, I discovered a used book store. What a treat!...more
I should shop with you!more

Lighten Your Load with a Killer Yard Sale

Whenever I mention to someone that we’re having a yard sale to lighten the load in our house, I get a sympathetic look and sometimes even an eye roll.  I can almost see what the other person’s thinking:  memories of lugging heavy, dusty old things out of the attic or basement, sitting all weekend in 90-degree weather while time and time again, some clueless person offers two dollars for your “old” mountain bike or only wants to buy one place setting of your dinnerware....more

Are Yard Sales Losing their Curb Appeal?

Spring is the season for enjoying the outdoors and sharing with friends and family. Yet one of our nation’s past times is now under scrutiny. A growing issue for municipalities are the increasing complaints received from neighbors of yard sales gone to the extreme. Imagine living near neighbors offering appliances and cars on their lawns. This was the focus of a recent story spurring a sharp debate with more than 400 comments to date....more


Today is the 31st of May, the final day of the month…which also means this is the last day of my free Netflix trial! So many movies, so little time (as they say).This past weekend was especially effervescent, each day comely in its own way....more

Today at the yard sale

Today while I was driving home from a lovely ride, I drove by a yard sale. Now I am a yard sale junkie. I love them. Today I literally stopped in the middle of the road as these beautifully framed prints caught my eye. They are of 2 riders and their dogs heading out on a hunt. They are called "morning" and "evening". They are just gorgeous. Beautifully framed. Perfect. I could not believe my eyes when I walked over and took a closer look. They were better than I thought. A real find. I was so excited....more

Be Afraid...Be Very Afraid

Be Afraid -- Be Very AfraidWell, I didn't show you EVERYTHING that I got at the yard sales.  I got picture frames, plates, hot curlers, plaques,unique jewelry, curtains, metals and pins from various wars (really -- they're beautiful).  All these items together came up to about another $15.  OK -- more stuff that I don't need, right?  I'll just tuck it away for when I am ready to do that project or perhaps when I'm ready to list it on...more

Recycling 201: Yard Sales


Yard Sales - How I've Missed You

I've been especially good this spring at not bringing anymore "stuff" into our home. Surprisingly enough, I haven't been to a yard sale this year ...more