Men are Great, Women are Strong, and I'm Still Pathetic

This morning I awoke to discover that muscles I didn’t know existed were screaming in agony.It was all I could do to get out of bed.All because I “attempted” to mow the lawn yesterday.Now, I realize I’m a relatively girly-girl. But I didn’t realize the extent of my affliction until yesterday.You guys… “Men’s Work” is hard....more

Romancing the Lawnmower

It’s Spring... the 11th hour – getting ready to relax

It’s Spring... the 11th hour – getting ready to relax   It’s that other time of the year, when I feel that I’m at the 11th hour. It’s spring so much to be done, plant the perennials, my herbs, set up the yard, the pool, spring-cleaning, and switch the winter-summer clothes....more

Gardening: How Does Your Garden Grow

Hopefully Old Man Winter has officially said goodbye and Spring is here to stay.  With this warm weather in Houston, I have been trying to enjoy as much sun and outdoor time as possible.  Gardening is a hobby that I enjoy doing, and one of my favorite past times is to spend it in my garden, enjoying the natural beauty God has given us....more

Getting a Head in Yard Work

Bonfire -- excellent!!! Plus, it would keep the mosquitoes away. Great tribute to Bernie, too.more