The Year of the Ox Starts Tomorrow: Chinese New Year Ideas to Help You Celebrate!

Tomorrow begins fifteen days of celebrating Chinese New Year, an important holiday for many Chinese or Asian people. In China, traditional celebrations include activities like New Year's visits, new clothes, vigorous house cleaning, red envelopes with money, family dinners, special foods, and fireworks. Around the world, many cities with large Chinese populations have celebrations as well. On Blogher, Mata has written about Chinese New Traditions, and I've collected ideas from food bloggers to help you celebrate the Year of the Ox, no matter where you are. ...more

It was fun finding so many "lucky" dishes!

Kalyn Denny

Happy 4707, 4706 or 4646! It is Chinese New Year.

January 26th launches the year of the Ox on Chinese New Year. The actual holiday is celebrated for about two weeks, starting with the darkest day of the lunar month, and ending with the lightest. The last night is the Lantern Festival. Inside China, New Years is more often called "Lunar New Year". In Vietnam, it is called Tet. ...more

We've been reading our horoscopes for the coming year - we're both rabbits and things look ...more