Lullabies I Never Sang: A Mother's Abortion and Regret

I’ve thought about this memory a thousand times, and wondered how to paint literary pictures of an inner battle still lingering inside. I feel it the most when I kiss my kids goodnight, tuck the covers around their chins, and listen to their prayers. I see the fruition of love and life in their faces, project splendid futures for them both, and thank my God every day for the privilege of being their parent.But I am missing one....more
Wow....your words "Only my child is in heaven because I put him there", is exactly how I feel. ...more

How to Get a Happier Marriage: Sorry, Twilight. True Love Isn't for Teenagers.

When I was at my parents' house a few weeks ago, I started talking about Twilight with my sister. Why I hadn't read it. Why I thought it would be stupid. And she said, "You have to read it. It's the yearning." ...more

I totally second that! Tweens and Teens are on a whole different planet, not even level than the ...more

Yearning and Critical Thinking

I feel compelled and compulsed at this time to remind folks about critical thinking skills. It is like I’m on the outside looking in at Americans caught up in something much larger than a presidential election. It seems to be a yearning to transform from what has been to the possibility of what America can be, re-born with a positive vision. I'm all for that, been waiting for y'all for the longest time to cross over out of the desert of the past eight years. ...more

I don't want to leave you with the impression that we need just a brain in the office.

Part ...more