Yelling makes me feel better, Part 2!

Dear Orange Rhino readers,Given the response to last night’s blog I feel obliged to share with you a story B.C. (before challenge). What I am about to share is embarrassing (at least in my eyes) but I share it with you for two reasons: 1) to show you that I was indeed a yeller and 2) to show you the power of The Orange Rhino Challenge, how it has changed me....more

Yelling makes me feel better

Dear Nasty Lady at the Restaurant,It was so nice of you to make fun of my husband and I while we were in ear shot. Thanks, I really appreciated (and needed) that. Looking back, you inadvertently taught me that I have changed and that yelling really doesn’t achieve a thing. So I guess my thanks is genuine. Darnnit. I really didn’t want to say anything nice regarding you.Blech,The Orange RhinoP.S. 61 days without yelling at my kids! 304 to go! *...more
OK, yelling would have been a little extreme but I wouldn't have sat this one out. I don't think ...more

Too many "Oopsies" Don't Make it Right

24 days down, 341 to go!Dear Day 24,Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for being so kind and taking it down a notch because quite frankly days 20, 21, 22, and 23 have sucked. No, that is putting it mildly. They have been miserably depressing and horrifically challenging to the point of me wanting to give up on The Orange Rhino Challenge and blogging all together. I *think* I’ve turned the corner, I hope so!Cheers,The Orange Rhino*...more

Not My Best Morning

Not my most impressive morning...Nothing I am proud of...I shouldn't even be repeating this to anyone. My nearly 4 year old son refused to get up this morning. He is not a good morning person. Today was a preschool day.  So at 7am I start knocking on his door, rubbing his back,  a gentle, warm, loving "honey it is time to get up" was met with his "NO!!!!!".  Typical....more

Why Is Yelling a Parental Hot Button?

We've seen the harried mother in Wal-Mart, shrieking at her wayward toddler as she streaks through the aisles clutching candy. You've probably also been the exhausted mommy who, at the end of a long day, MUST YELL TO GET THE SELECTIVELY HEARING-IMPAIRED CHILD TO TAKE A BATH.I myself went along a parenting trajectory. It went like this:New mommy: Cooing and singing, even when my daughter popped me in the nose accidentally while reaching for a toy, hurting me so bad my eyes watered Toddler mommy: Redirection! These tantrums are developmentally appropriate! Ha!Preschooler mommy: I don't understand you when you use that whining voice.Kindergartner mommy: Yell ...more

I gererally feel like a heel after, too.  My three year old does.not.listen.  I ...more

The Everyday Terrorists

 by Sheenah Hankin ...more

Bosses and Employees: Perpetuating the Yelling Circle

There is a right way and a wrong way to react to workplace situations though there is some room left for a little gray matter. For example when your boss throws a hissy fit (or presents a possibly valid argument in a very rude and potentially destructive manner) in the middle of a hotel lobby and in turn you respond by doing the same thing by yelling your head off in the middle of a forest of fake trees. Of course this is your defensive nature speaking after months of enduring his repetitive difficult nature but no matter because you're still the ...more

I had a boss that was a yeller, an unrepetant yeller and no reasoning or logic would change ...more