Why is equality among the sexes shammed?

      As a college student I interact with many people a day and have the chance to make an expression on people with out me even knowing or trying....more


“I just can’t believe all the things people say, Controversy …”Today’s writing prompt asks what is the most controversial thing I’ve ever written on my blog.I strive for honesty in expressing my opinions in my posts, as in life, but always respectfully and always trying to see the other person’s point of view. I have shared my thoughts elsewhere on the web before starting this blog, and I shared one of those posts, http://www.blogher.com/yesallwomen-yesallmen, on BlogHer last spring....more

Que Linda!

Yesterday, while walking up 105th street, I encountered a man. He was middle aged, typically dressed and Hispanic. When I passed him, he stopped, fixed his creepy gaze upon me, produced a half smile/half sneer and muttered "Que linda!" ...more


Wow... there was an outpouring of emails sent to me. Women who wanted to share their story. Men who wanted to share their story. Some were victims, and others were admitting fault- a total stranger apologized to me because he didn't know her name. "She was passed out," he wrote. "She didn't say no but she didn't say yes either. She didn't really say much." ...more

Speechless Complainer: What Shakespeare has to say to people who would shut down #YesAllWomen

Speechless complainer, I will learn thy thought;In thy dumb action will I be as perfect As begging hermits in their holy prayers:Thou shalt not sigh, nor hold thy stumps toheaven,Nor wink, nor nod, nor kneel, nor make a sign, But I of these will wrest an alphabet, And by still practice learn to know thy meaning. -Titus Andronicus, William Shakespeare...more

Coming of age in a rape culture

I am departing from my usual posting style to dive into the fray of all women.I will give three examples from my own life to demonstrate what girls and women deal with.1. I spend most of my 8th grade English class being harassed by a boy who, thanks to the luck of the alphabet, sat next to me in the back of the room. Pretty much every day, he would show me his penis, try to get me to touch it, rub his foot on my butt, tell me the state of his erection, and tell me he was going to follow me and rape me. All year....more
thank you so much for sharing your story and breaking the silence.  this reality sickens me and ...more

Tutu Much, Tutu Soon: why little girls shouldn't be showered with tutus from birth!

The other day I was sitting in Central Park with my teenage cousin. We were watching my daughter play in the crispy winter leaves and another little girl and her father walked by. The other child was about my child's age and she was wearing a backpack over her jacket. Trailing from underneath her outerwear was a tutu. Sigh. Another tutu....more

TIME TO RISE AS ONE (A Tribute to Maya Angelou)

  (This post was also written to Respond to the Female Dissenters to the #YesAllWomen Twitter Feed) To all of you people who are doing something to call attention to the experiences of women and the disparity between feminine and masculine—we applaud you, commend you, and join our voices with you....more

Ramifications of #YesAllWomen/#NotAllMen in the Wake of Elliot Rodger’s Killing Spree

Struggling to make sense of Elliot Rodger’s rampage at UC Santa Barbara last Friday, murdering six men and women and wounding thirteen others before killing himself, whether we blame mental illness or lax gun law enforcement, the roots of his rage were his misogynist hatred of and sense of sexual entitlement to the women he objecti...more