Happy Birthday Frank Oz

Not only is Frank Oz the puppeteer and voice of Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Cookie Monster, Bert, and Grover, but he has directed some of my favorite comic films. And of course he is the man behind Jedi Master Yoda. Sounds like it's time for a Frank Oz film fest, but which one to watch first? Little Shop of Horrors is a hoot, with Rick Moranis and Ellen Greene an adorable couple, Audrey II as a very impressive space alien plant, and Steve Martin as a particularly creepy dentist....more

Happy Star Wars Day: May the Fourth Be With You!

A long time ago in a galaxy not so very far away I discovered Star Wars. When I think of Star Wars I think of uncle's house circa 1983 and their wooden-paneled basement TV room. They were the first people I knew to have a satellite dish and a VCR and we spent a lot of time watching Star Wars down there. I think of them every year on May 4, otherwise known as Star Wars Day. May the fourth, I mean force, be with you! ...more
My parents got my husband the Blu-Ray original trilogy -- SINCE HE HAS NEVER SEEN IT. LOLmore

We Do! We Don’t Try!

When I coach women who struggle with their new life after divorce I often hear 'I'll try', after I give them a coaching suggestion.  I almost always respond with "We Do! We Don’t Try!".This is my variation of that great quote from the Jedi Master Yoda "Do or do not; there is No Try".  His message is quite simple, make a decision, commit and move forward.When we "Try", we are giving a new experience, or suggestion, a half-hearted attempt to work in our lives.  It's almost as if we give up before we’ve even started....more

Yes, Yoda, There Is a Try

My son has recently picked up a very bad habit, and I am very concerned. This habit is worse than kicking a puppy. It is worse than cussing in church. It is worse than smoking, drinking and general carousing on a school night. It it much, much worse than forgetting your mother's birthday.It's so bad that I am embarrassed to even be talking about it.My son, my precious child, my one and only son, has started to say "I can't."...more
Love the Batman quote. Gonna use that one with my "I can't" son.more

Daily doodle: The original JUST DO IT!

Now is a good time to be your own Yoda according to Elizabeth P...more

our home through the eyes of yoda

Quite a collection of legos I see.   ...more

Nice way to start the day. Yoda and laughter.

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