Keeping Wrists Strong in Chest-Opening Poses

My Yoga Online has posted a new Yoga anatomy article by Kreg Weiss addressing wrist safety and alignment in common chest opening yoga stretches. The anterior shoulder and pectoralis muscles present great challenges to our postural health as these muscles tend to be chronically tight. ...more

The Lymphatic System: What it is and How Yoga Can Benefit

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7 Foods to Heal, Balance, and Nourish

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This is such great information.  I am trying hard to manage my weight better.  I am really ...more

The Power of Positive Thinking

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Alignment and Rooting in Warrior Postures

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True Benefits of Yoga Are Long Term

My Yoga Online - Recognizing that yoga is a life-long practice, the benefits and changes achieved with yoga require patience, respectful observance, and consistency. Without these basic elements, one’s yoga practice often strays, losses focus, and lacks holistic results. ...more