The Power of Yogic Sleep and Pratyahara - Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a powerful practice of creating an altered state of consciousness by planting healing seeds of affirmations (or sankalpa). As a form of Pratyahara, Yoga Nidra moves one to a state where one can withdraw from the senses and the influences of the mind which do not serve us on the path of enlightenment. ...more

Back Safety with Back Bending Yoga Exercises

Hatha Yoga has an array of back bending or back arching Yoga exercises that deliver a wealth of health benefits when done correctly. Back bending Yoga poses can be intimidating to those who have low back pain or previous low back injuries. When performed with the right intention and alignment techniques, back bends can be safe, effective, and revitalizing. ...more

Defining Asanas - Yoga Poses

Asana can be defined as a physical Yoga posture or position that is designed to help master the body and enhance the body’s functions. Yoga poses are, in essence, Yoga exercises creating strength and endurance, improving circulation and energy flow, cleansing organs and other systems, and expanding muscles and joints. ...more

Benefits of Yoga - Weight Loss

An important part of a balanced health and wellness program is managing your body composition and understanding what is a healthy body weight for your body type. A consistent Yoga practice, Yoga diet and observance of Yoga principles and lifestyle habits can help you find this balance in managing your body weight.. READ MORE... ...more

Power Yoga Class: Keeping Grace in Vinyasa Flows

Power Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga classes are beautiful explorations of more physically challenging Yoga flows. Within these more vigorous Yoga practices, we should continually guide ourselves back to the intention, grace, and definition of the asana (Yoga pose). READ MORE... ...more

Hatha Yoga Class- Exploring Balasana (Child's Pose)

Balasana (Child's Pose) can be a highly under-rated and under-utilized Yoga Pose in our Yoga classes. Balasana yields tremendous physical, mental, and energetic benefits including: * gently stretches lower back, hips, thighs, knees, ankles * relaxes spine, shoulders, neck * increases blood circulation to the head reducing headaches * massages internal organs * calms the mind (central nervous system) and helps relieve stress and tension ...more

Hatha Yoga Tips - Knee Integrity in Warrior Yoga Poses

A variety of Hatha Yoga poses provide a wealth of strengthening and endurance conditioning. Many Standing Yoga Poses like Virabhadrasana (Warrior Pose) or lunging Yoga poses like Hanurasana require proper knee alignment to allow for complete flow of energy and to maintain strength, safety, and stability in your Yoga class. Read More... ...more

Hatha Yoga Class - Meditation to Balance the Nervous System

Our Hatha Yoga classes and Meditation practices are valuable tools for countering the barrage of negative energies and stresses presented by the world. Most people live with constant echos of stress vibrating through the nervous system leading to chronic disease... Read More... ...more

Yoga Tips - Bringing Foundation to Balancing Yoga Poses

In all standing Balance Yoga Poses, establishing the connection and energy through the foot is essential. With this proper foundation, Balancing Yoga Poses have increased stability, endurance and overall expression of physical and mental control. Read More... ...more

Healthy Does It

Spring has sprung (actually if you ask me it did a month ago!) and I hear the birds singing. I just love it this time of the year because it means longer days, more sunshine and no more SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) for me. I didn’t know SAD existed before I moved to the UK. Fortunately, mine is not a full-blown SAD, but a sub-syndromal one. ...more

Thanks for sharing! I love food from the Philippines and seems you love the same foods I do. ...more