It's okay to hate yoga.

I want to like yoga. I really do. I want to be one of those yoga people. I want the cute outfits and to feel all at peace with the world. My only problem is that I hate yoga. This is a huge issue. It also has made me realize why I don’t eat sushi. I so badly want to be one of those sushi people, as well. I’m just afraid I’ll hate it and then where will I be? Shunned by the masses because I only eat cooked fish? Sounds less appealing that ingesting raw octopus. ...more

Whoever thought that trying to hold balance with a stiffened body resting on one hand ...more

Reading Stephen Cope: Tapping into Bliss

It is not an exaggeration for me to say that without yoga I would never have completed a novel. It is also not an exaggeration for me to say that without yoga I would never have begun a novel -- much less stuck with the process, had the patience, displayed the perseverance necessary to reaching the stage I am now at. I have been doing various types of yoga for about 12 years now. ...more

Separating the B from the S

The other day I was headed to a yoga class. I noticed that my watch and the clock in my car were 10 minutes apart, which meant that if my watch was right I might be late, which meant I might not find a place to park, lay my mat in my favorite spot by the door, or even get in class. ...more

Reading Stephen Cope: Unitive Experience & the Wild Woman in You

As you all know, my new black capezio dance shoes came a few days ago. The very next day, I really started to break them in. For close to an hour (my stamina needs to be rebuilt!), I danced! ...more

Failing At Meditation is the First Step to Your Gold Star

I read chapter two, Close Encounters with Mind of Stephen Cope's The Wisdom of Yoga, on Friday afternoon, thinking that I could let it settle and turn into blogging material over the weekend. Knowing also that, during the weekend, I would not find a lot of reading time. Because we've had one of "those" weekends. ...more

Reading Stephen Cope: Braving Stillness

This post was meant to be for Monday, but alas... I started writing this on Sunday afternoon, and then around four, I realized that I felt horrible. Just horrible. A depressing sadness had descended upon me and I could not figure out why or from where. Marcy and I learned two hours later that our dear friend, Ken, had passed away at 4:15. (Make the connections there that you wish.) As soon as I knew this, the depression lifted. I felt such relief that he was no longer suffering. ...more

Radical Responsibility: Reading Stephen Cope's The Wisdom of Yoga Over the Summer

For some time now, I have been wanting to re-read Stephen Cope's The Wisdom of Yoga: A Seeker's Guide to Extraordinary Living. This is Cope's second book, and I think it's even better than his first in a variety of ways. But this is not to be a book review. ...more

Off the Mat, Into the World: An Interview with Seane Corn

"We want to support anyone who is interested in engagement, but we want to help them do it in a way that is healthy for them, creates community, and creates longevity, so that everyone wins, and no one gets burnt out or sick. That is not what service should be about. It should be about joy, on every level." --Seane Corn, co-Founder, Off the Mat, Into the World. ...more

Yay! A new podcast to enjoy! Thank you for the recommendation! Have a fantastic weekend, Britt! ...more

Core Fluidity Hatha Yoga Class Video Posted

My Yoga Online has posted a new online yoga video by Kreg Weiss, Core Fluidity Hatha Class ...more

Pushing Through Fears of The Elderly

I taught two new 68-year-old students last night, bringing the average age of my yoga class to approximately 60. There is nothing that scares me more as a teacher than old people. They are stiff; their bodies so delicate and vulnerable. I keep thinking I am going to break them. ...more