My First Attempt at Bikram Yoga

Ever heard of Bikram Yoga? You know, where you go into a room that is about on average, 90-100 degrees, and you do yoga poses for 90 minutes (yes I said 90 MINUTES!) until the sweat pours off of you like someone was continuously tossing a bucket of water over you head? That’s Bikram in a nutshell. ...more

Twists for Detoxification

Ever since I started practicing yoga regulary, (about 3 times a week) I felt more energized, strong and healthy. I also never got sick, while my friends and family were constantly fighting off a cold or flu. ...more

Being upside down is the best thing for you.

Being upside down in an inversion reverses the effects of gravity, which is the best thing for you. Headstand is an advanced inversion, but legs up on a wall can also give you great benefits.  Inversions are the best way to enhances facial radiance and plump the skin and fill in sags and bags. This is because fresh blood and vital nutrients rush down to your face and brain. This brings nourishment at the deepest levels. The whole brain is energized, washed clean and flooded with rich nutrients.   ...more

Yoga breathing with Whoopi Cushion

Until 3:17 this afternoon, I would not have thought about using a Whoopi Cushion to introduce the basics of yogic deep breathing techniques but God Bless me, Divine Inspiration slapped me upside the head yet again. Playfulness, stress relief AND a plastic fart simulation device. PRICELESS! (No doubt my parents are insanely proud right now) ...more

Becoming a Yogi (and a hot one too!)

I'm obsessed with hot yoga. Either you love it or you hate it. Most people don't even know what it is... Yoga is a blend of several different yoga styles including Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Power Yoga. Oh, and I almost forgot, it takes place in a room set to 105 degrees. Small detail. For some, this may seem like cruel and unusual punishment. However, it's one of the most gratifying experiences I have each day. ...more

I want the world to know that Yoga changed my life.

Years ago, the very first time I took a yoga class, I felt such a sense of peace and my body felt open and stretched in such a positive way. A few days later I took another class because I wanted to feel peaceful again. That's how it all started. Especially after a hard stressful day at work, (being in the advertising business) yoga came to the rescue to ease and relax my mind and body. ...more

How To Ween Yourself Off Coffee

The jury is still out on coffee. Is it packed full of superhuman antioxidants? Check. Does it make you more alert? Check. Is it a society based ritual? Check. For most people that’s enough information. They are happy downing six Venti lattes throughout the workday. While science continues to chase it’s tail about whether their are significant health risks to drinking coffee, the vast majority of peeps drink on average 3 cups of the bean a day. All in moderation right? I was a typical sheep until I started paying true attention to how I felt ...more

Yoga: Should It Be Part of Your Exercise Routine?

Several years ago I made a point of tuning to the Oxygen channel each morning at 8 am., and giving myself a one hour workout with their "Inhale" program. When they stopped the 8 am. broadcast, I tried to make a go of the 6 am show. Six is just too early for me to be doing downward dog. ...more

yoga is a great way to stretch all those muscles and also for stress relief. I am doing hatha ...more

The Good Health-A-Thon Final Check In

The BlogHer 2009 Good Health-A-Thon is coming to an end, but your good health choices can still continue. I hope we've been able to help you get on the right track to better health in 2009, I would love to hear how you've been doing in comments. I thought I would take this opportunity to do a little wrap-up of our Good Health-A-Thon... We started off talking about setting goals. Did you set any? Have you stuck to any of them? ...more

Hi Catherine,

I've just tuned into the Good-Health-A-Thon (I'll have to go back and ...more

Namaste, Mommy

"Namaste, Mommy." That's how my daughter Alex came home from her preschool one day last fall.  She placed her hands in prayer position in front of her, and bowed deeply. "Namaste," I responded, following suit.  As I stood again, I asked her, "Where did you learn that?" "From school," Alex answered.  "Ms. A taught us." ...more

Our YMCA downtown offers a Yoga class for families on Saturdays.  I tried it once with my 9 ...more