Weight Loss: Curb Emotional Eating With Yoga

Did you ever want to give yoga a try, but it seemed like too much of a commitment?  Well if you're like me, and you're a bit of an emotional eater, learning a couple of yoga poses may be just what you need.  Yoga can help you focus on what your body needs, reduce stress, and curb your emotional eating.  Here is a pose you can do in less than two minutes, it's called Downward Facing Dog.  Give it a try for a couple of days and see if you notice a difference.  ...more

Hi Christine...I'll look forward to hearing how you make out with the yoga, especially if it ...more

Spirituality behind the sex

In the About Me section of my blog, I state that sometimes I'm not sure whether to meditate or masturbate. Its true. ...more

Prevent Yoga-Related Neck Injuries

My Yoga Online - Inform yourself with this important neck safety article by Dr. Carla Cupido. Our new yoga article has teachings beneficial for those new to yoga as well as for experienced yoga practitioners. Prevent injury and improve your posture by understanding yoga anatomy and mechanics of the neck. ...more

Fiddle Mama

Tà Dia làidir is màthair matih aige~ God is strong and He has a good mother      ...more

Riding on the wings of change

The more I share this the more I believe I will follow through: taking better care of my body, and mind.   Therapy, fortitude, guidance, trust, finding me again.   Riding on the wings of change...  ...more

Hot Yoga is Out

I am now officially way to fat for hot yoga. No one should be seen bending over in exercise clothes my size. Sheesh. You know it gets insane, my doctor always said lose weight. So ok, it took me a year but I lost 70 lbs. YAY me! ...more

WTF?  I mean, where does that guy get off?  Oh, you just riled me up with that one. I wish I ...more

Yoga and Guns and Unsolicited Advice

“You should get a gun,” I said.  “You should get a gun and take shooting lessons so you’re really, really good at it.” Where was I?  Not at a shooting range, that’s for sure.  No, I was waiting for my yoga class to begin.  I was talking to the young woman next to me, whom I’d never seen before. She’d told me she and her new husband lived out in the country.  That’s when the alarm bells went off. ...more

Strolling Around Town

Who knew that getting fit could be as simple as a walk in the park with baby? Well if you haven't heard, Stroller Strides is rolling into town September 17 and it is a great way for you to get in shape and take your child along ...more

Political Blogger Stress Syndrome: A Survival Guide

This is the thing...Blogging about politics is very stressful. And, we all know what stress can do to our health. ...more

Zen Centering Meditation Video

My Yoga Online - Experience this Zen Centering Meditation Video with Shakti Mhi. Use this meditation to refocus during the day. Take pause and embrace the stillness this meditation may bring to you and allow your mind to become aware of the now, displacing any strong emotions or stresses that have invaded your day. ...more