My new green yoga mat -- plus a recycled vintage sari bag

Finally, I've got an enviro and people-friendly yoga mat! It's ruddy, it's pretty, and it matched a beautiful yoga bag -- made by a local company in Venice, Calif., called Kismet that rescues vintage saris and recycles them into gorgeous products, made under fair trade conditions by women in rural India. ...more

Pretty!  I'll have to remember this when I need a new mat... ...more

Turning One Minute into Meditation

 We all have very busy lives.  Whether its work, school, children, spouses, pets, or hobbies life can get really hectic at times.  There are times when we feel like we don’t have a moment to breathe.  It is at these very moments where simple meditation techniques can help you do just that- BREATHE!  ...more

A Mantra for Monday

This is a day late, but hey, what's a day in the great expanse of consciousness.... ...more

Monkeys & Mantras

In my last two posts I likened the ever fluctuating nature of Mind to the ever changing movements of ocean waves. ...more

Smoothing Out the Waves

What to do with a wavy, wavy mind... ...more

Do you have the Citta Vrttis?

When I lived in Houston my morning walk took me down a long boardwalk overlooking an inland waterway connected to the Gulf. One morning as I passed by, the water was woven into an undecipherable pattern of tiny, fluctuating waves. I stopped on the edge of the boardwalk and sat down. I watched as the waves undulate in one direction and then another, often so quickly that it was hard to determine the direction of movement of any individual wave. Each wave definitely had a unique identity, but they also seemed to have a collective personality. There ...more

Get To Stretching!

The importance of cardiovascular exercise had been researched and proven to be necessary for a healthy heart, right?  Whether we walk, run, kickbox, or do aerobics, we aim to sweat and get that heart rate elevated.  But often, the most dedicated cardio king or queen can be seriously lacking flexibility.  This lack of flexibility can cause some very alarming issues.   I’ve seen young runners, in their early twenty’s, no ...more

Back Bending With Grace Yoga Class

My Yoga Online - Check out this sample of Nico Luce's Back Bending With Grace Yoga Class. It can be viewed and practiced in its entirety in our Yoga Classes section for our members.  Not a member yet? Learn More about My Yoga Online now... ...more

Yoga ‘Pauses

I still remember the day that my first premenopausal magazine landed at my doorstep.  I felt as if the U.S. postal service might have well as knocked on my door slapped me across the face and raid my house for tampons, lingere, even my jewelry, anything that made me feel like a woman. ...more

I almost stole the magazine when I was at the gyn office last week, too!  I just went to the ...more

deeper backbends

I was watching the Olympic Women's Gymnastic Trials a few weeks ago and was so blown away with the amazing balance, and especially flexibility of the young gymnasts. The arches in their backs are so amazing, they are practically folding in half. Great flexibility in my back has always been a challenge for me. For most of us, it is easier to be flexible in my hamstrings/legs, and having flexibility in the spine takes more effort. ...more