My Yoga Online Gains New Full-Screen Streaming Technology has re-launched its website with improved Flash Streaming Video technology. The latest version of Flash Streaming Video not only improves the picture quality of’s video lessons, but also the speed and ease of use for PC and Mac formats. The new enhancements at ensure that all videos stream in full screen near DVD quality at DSL and cable accessible speeds on all web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. ...more

When Exercise Turns from Vanity to Preventative Care

Hi Everyone, I’m not quite sure how this whole blogging thing works, but I wanted to try it because I personally love reading a few blogs out there, and I thought why can’t i contribute to the web of knowledge and entertainment out there?  So, here I am.  The truth of the matter is, my last child is gearing up to leave the house for college, and the empty nest syndrome is kicking in already.  I am also facing an osteoperosis scare and looking for answers. ...more

Healthcare and Blogher

So, today, I'm at the Blogher conference in San Francisco, and for those who aren't familiar, it's a conference for women interested in blogging or essentially writing a journal online as we also encourage at through our SHARE feature. ...more

Hypnobirth was "really Zen" for Jessica Alba, rewarding for others

I'll admit my finger is not exactly on the pulse of Hollywood happenings. I have far too much going on in my life to add celebrity watching to the list. However, when there is a natural or home birth in Hollywood (things near and dear to my heart), the news usually crosses my path one way or another. And so I was both surprised and pleased to read yesterday that Jessica Alba's new daughter Honor Marie Warren was born via a natural hypnobirth. ...more

Before reading this article I had never heard of hypnobirth.

 Still is seams natural ...more

The 30 Day Ab Challenge!


Interview with Subagh Kaur

Today at blisschick, I have posted an interview with Kundalini yoga teacher Subagh Kaur from 3HO Brasil.  Her insights are compelling and insightful.  Please joing us! ...more

Healthy Living: Can Yoga Reduce Symptoms of Chronic Illness?

Back in March, I told you about yet another invisible illness that I've had the pleasure of being diagnosed with. Fibromalgia. It was then, that I learned of the 20+ pounds I had put on in less than a year. And it wasn't like I was at my ideal weight before that time either. For the first time in my life, I actually weighed more than I did when I was pregnant. ...more

Yoga regenerates tissues and relieves symptoms of chronic ailments. Waz Thomas was teaching ...more

Beyond Herbal Tea: Suggestions for Sleeping Better

If you aren't sleeping well, you're not living well.  And herbal tea just isn't enough.  There are some basic reasons why we don't sleep deeply.  At blisschick today, I talk about 9 different changes that can lead to truly restful sleep. ...more

Interview with Yogi & Sewall House Retreat owner Donna "Amrita" Davidge

Join me today at blisschick for an interview with this amazing yoga teacher and retreat owner.  Donna has been a teacher since 1985.  Her first teachers were Ravi Singh and Yogi Bhajan, the man responsible for brining Kundalini yoga to the west and for giving Donna her spiritual name, "Amrita," which means "nectar of immortality." ...more

8 Triggers to Remember to Center Yourself throughout the Day

This week at Blisschick, I've been thinking a lot about balance and how to maintain it.  Today, I wrote about designing and implementing triggers that can be used throughout the day to remind you to slow down, pay attention, and re-center.  I suggest things from mala beads to car alarms.  I would love to hear how you remind yourself to stay centered! ...more