Pomegranate Yogurt Dressing

 Pomegranate Yogurt DressingHearty dinner salad with turkey, almonds, cranberries, apples and a creamy pomegranate yogurt dressing. Served with crackers, goat cheese and fig jam....more

Yogurt Cheese

Yogurt in as few words as possible

Heat milk.Cool milk.Stir in starterLeave in warm place til delicious.Stick in fridge overnight. Less scary this way, I think.  Heat milk (about 180°F)...more


As it is not always easy (or affordable, when you use a lot of it) to acquire, I've been making my own yogurt. Once you get into it, the variations can be fun. Also occasionally disastrous, which leads us to tip number one: Keep a small amount of your starter (2-3 tablespoons) frozen, so that when you inevitably need to toss a batch and start over, it's there when you want it. Or just buy a new container of yogurt, use two teaspoons to restart and eat the rest. That works too....more

Cucumber, Yogurt and Mint Cold Soup. Perfect for Summer!

This recipe was given to me by my aunt. I could have it everyday. It’s fresh and light. When it’s summer and warm outside, I never feel like having something greasy, heavy or warm. This Cucumber soup is perfect and so easy to make. It has the consistency of a smoothie and you can drink it from a glass if you want to. Read More...more

Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day yet so many skip it! Perhaps it’s because they are running out the door for work and do not have time to make some eggs on the stove or heat up some oatmeal. Being able to have something prepared and ready to go is the easiest way to make sure you have something to eat in the morning....more

Frozen Yogurt Treat Recipe

 We were buying yöghund frozen yogurt treats for Riley at Pet Food Express, but were not too happy at the $2 per treat price tag! My mom suggested we make our own, so she found us a recipe online and Riley absolutely loves it! The cost-per-treat when you do them yourself is only about $0.30. Here is the recipe we used:...more

Amazing Yogurt Health & Wellness Benefits

With so many luscious flavors to choose from, it seems everyone is eating delicious nutritious low-fat yogurt these days.  And rightfully so.  The health benefits of eating yogurt, especially low-fat greek yogurt, are endless....more

My own combo

So Jim, aka Mr.Juice, wasn’t interested in one this morning,so I made mine last night.This morning, I am enjoying the combo of kale, spinach,celery, strawberry, mango and blueberry, made with the press of my own little finger…lol. I can actually say I am enjoying it. Jim tends to be a little heavier on the greens than I am but I figure in order for me to drink it, well, it better be palatable.I think Jim gets a little annoyed, although he has been know to chuckle, when some of the juices he gives me make me turn toward him after first sip, and pronounce-needs vodka!...more

Homemade Coconut Cinnamon Yogurt