A trip to: The Jorvik Viking Centre in York, UK

Kids are a bit weird. For some time now, Izzy has been obsessed by both 'the olden days', and 'poor people'. I think it is something to do with a TV series called 'Horrible Histories' that she has recently been watching. Anyway, suffice to say that they are subjects that have held her rapture.  Just the other day, we were at the local supermarket, queuing at the checkout, when Izzy noticed that there was a woman in front of us was dressed in her pyjamas with just a coat over the top.  ...more
Hiya, not quite! A pikey means a person who is a bit rough around the edges. Actually a lot ...more

It's Geeky! A trip to the National Railway Museum

So whilst Izzy and I were visiting Sarah in Leeds, Sarah came up with a cracking idea for a day out. "Right, because you like gadgets, I thought we could visit the National Railway Museum in York," she suggested: "After all, gadgets don't come much bigger than trains." My face lit up, but then I suddenly thought about the consequences; "but people might call me an anorak, and assume that I wear tie-dye clothes and drink lesbian tea," I pointed out, before adding, "especially as it's not so long ago that I went birdwatching. It all adds up you know." ...more

It's Not So Impossible

Currently Sitting: at Panera BreadCurrently Listening: Sufjan Stevens, "Impossible Soul" (from Age of Adz)Currently Seeing: Brianne sitting across the tableCurrently Smelling: My whole grain bagel6 Days: Bon Iver's newest album release9 Days: 21st birthday...more

Football and Fripperies ....

Agh! I am so behind with my blog, that I want to run around and panic but not fall over anything. I have been reading all my favourite blogs and everyone has already covered New Year's eve, and their resolutions and everything, and I haven't even finished blogging about Christmas yet. It's just downright tardy of me. If I was my boss, I would sack me. The situation leaves me with a dilemma. Do I catch up on the Christmas posts now? Or do I blog about New Year and then try and backtrack? ...more