Here is one thing on my mind. I see teenagers who have babies. They have endless amounts of pictures of them and their friends, how cute. Then, you see their baby. Such a precious baby that cannot change anything about it's life. That child see their grandparents more than their parent. Grow up. Do not tell me you are a teenager, because you are the one that decided to have sex. Without protection. I'm glad I can tell my child, your biological father is the person standing next to me today. What are they going to tell their child? Oh, I wanted sex one night and ended up pregnant....more

Got my craft on Today! My crocheted headband...awww yeah!

First off I would like to say that this wonderful project was not my own creation. Nope.  I went Stumbling around a few nights ago and found a great tutorial on how to make a crocheted headband.  I am not a great crocheter (is that a word?). I learned how to crochet in High School from a friend.  She was able to teach me even though I am left handed....more