Tiger Eyes: A Judy Blume Movie at Last!

Everyone remembers their first Judy Blume book. Spend a few minutes talking to your friends about Judy Blume, and it won’t be long until they open up about “the book,” the Judy Blume title that made an impact on their life. ...more

is of course a classic coming of age novel. I enjoyed Deenie too.

My faves were the Fudge ...more

Teen Reads Week: Why This Grownup Reads Young Adult Novels

I mean, I just like good books and a lot of these books, as QuentinFinch says, are simply just good. Isn't that reason enough? But as I kept talking to her that day as we ducked in and out of stores, I realized that it was more than that they were just good. I came to a conclusion much like Liz's - I like these books because while they often deal with topics every bit as gritty as much lauded literary fiction, they end differently....more
You absolutely took the words right out of  my mouth! I read YA, historical fiction, sic fi and ...more

Mockingjay: Katniss Still Kicks Ass

Like many readers I got up on August 24 with one goal in mind -- to get my hands on a copy on the final book of Suzanne Collins Hunger Games and do it is as quickly as possible. Yes, I was on a Mockingjay quest. Thanks to the miracle of modern technology I had it downloaded to my iPhone within minutes. ...more

In many ways, it ended exactly as I thought it would. I do agree, though - it was pretty dark ...more

What To Buy For Teens: The Book Edition

Ah, it's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas and it's funny how it smells just like books. Perhaps that's because one of my favourite things to give as gifts is books. Yes, even to teens. ...more

They always have the best stuff don't they?

Contributing Editor Sassymonkey also ...more

Memories of Christopher Pike

I think we all have memories of books that we read when we were in our tweens. They were passed around from girl to girl, each one devouring it before passing it on to the next one in line. When I was about 11 or 12 years old the literary crack of choice was Christopher Pike. I'm not sure why but it feels like my generation of readers have all gone nostalgic at the same time. Maybe it's the Twilight mania that is making us remember our own crackliture. It seems everywhere I turn these days I'm seeing remembrances and rereadings of Christopher Pike. ...more

Rampant, aka The Killer Unicorn Book

Quite awhile ago I started to hear a rumbling in the Young Adult Literature crowd about a debate. Who would win in a fight between zombies and unicorns? YA authors and their followers took their stances seriously. Words were flung back and forth between Team Zombie and Team Unicorn. There were throw-downs. It was quite amusing to watch. Little did many of us on the sidelines know that there was something bigger at hand. Author Diana Peterfreund was writing what would come to be known as "the killer unicorn book." It hit the bookstore shelves this week as Rampant. ...more

Mostly because I couldn't figure out how to really blog the virginity and society and the ...more

Teens and Trauma Porn

Trauma literature, or as it is sometimes known "trauma porn," is big with the teen set. It was the case when I was a teen, when my oldest sibling was a teen and will be the case when my friend's children are teens. Teens live in the real world and they want to see real teens reflected back at them from the pages of the books they read. Dark and serious is not new and it is not bad. Dark is exactly what some teens need. ...more

By Lisa Von Drasek, whom I quote in my post. You must check it out.


Summer Reading for Teens and Tweens

"Summer vacation" are two of the best words in any kid's vocabulary. Being the big geek that I was one of the things that I loved most about the summer break was that the warm days all but screamed for me to go sit outside and read. On a blanket, in a hammock, on the beach - it didn't matter. The biggest question was always, "What should I read?" With kids out (or nearly out) of school I know many parents are wondering what books could tempt their kids. Here's a round up of summer reading ideas for teens and tweens. ...more

I like the idea of Love that Dog and Hate that Cat being read by the whole grade. Isn't it great ...more

Do People "Graduate" to Adult Books?

I read young adult literature without shame despite the fact that many people look down their noses at it. Oh don't lie, you know it's true. When people ask me, as they often do, about a great book I read lately their eyes glaze as soon as the words "young" and "adult" pass my lips. I do believe they are expecting me to name Booker nominations. Because I should have "graduated" to that by now shouldn't I? At least that's what one of Dennis Drabelle's recent Washington Post articles implies. ...more

Heehee....I must admit to not reading much YA...I DID kind of skip what was out there when I ...more

Literary Gift Guide for Young Adults

If you have a teen in your life that loves books (or that you are trying to get to love books) you are lucky. The world of young adult literature is hot. Perhaps even hawt (I read the books, but I'm not down with the lingo). I know, books are boring right? Well as someone who loves to get (and give) gifts I don't think so but just to make you feel better I've offered up some companion gifts to accompany some of great books out there on the market right now. ...more

Read it! Well...listened to it on audio which is almost the same thing. I've also been hearing ...more